October Part 6 – After the Storm

 Since my horrible herxing on Sunday, things have eased up quite a bit. But it definitely still hasn’t been easy. I actually had to write notes everyday as to how everything went and what happened as I wouldn’t be able to tell you otherwise. So needless to say, a big loss of memory was on said notes. 


Monday I woke up feeling pretty tired, but glad I didn’t wake up feeling like I felt on Sunday. Even though I was tired, I started my upped dose of Ativan. I was suppose to start my upped dosage two weeks ago, but I always feel it’s best instead of piling things on and not knowing what might be causing an issue, this time was the several antibiotics and the new to me Zithro IVs,  I held off. I can’t blame the Zithro or the upped Ativan for anything different because both would be different. Get it, kind of? 


Honestly, I didn’t notice a difference. It was suppose to help suppress my rage issues but they really haven’t been so bad in the past few weeks. By the time I had gotten to work my stress levels kept getting higher and higher, which in turn made my pain issues increase. Lots of work to get done before my dressing change.


I forgot to bring a kitchen item back (minced garlic) that I borrowed since it’s probably not the wisest thing for me to attempt to go to the grocery store, at least unattended, and of course I forgot to bring it back, so I got yelled at. Not the whatever, bring it when you can yell at. This was the make the sick one who can barely drive as it is drive back to her house and bring it back safe and sound kind of yell. And I did. 


Before leaving, I changed the ink and toner for the printer for my work computer, printed out a few copies to make sure everything was good to go. Golden! By the second trip home, I was feeling pretty woozy. And then I get a phone call. As if Monday wasn’t already super annoying.


Apparantly, I didn’t put the toner in the right way and the printer ink spilt everywhere and no longer worked. Great. Fan-tiddly-tastic! At least by the time I would even get to work the next day a new one would already be there. I just hoped it would have already been hooked up and ready to go by the time I got there. 


I arrived just about as it was done being set up, but early enough to be reminded on how I ruined the printer. And then the rage came back…I thought it was gone for good, Dr J! For the rest of the day, I was just all-around pissed and irritated. A few people have been on my mind the past few days that have beyond aggravated me, but I have been able to keep calm and not be the bundle of sunshine we have all come to know and love, Crazy Kimmie. 


It was massage Tuesday! Of course my massage therapist heard all about my anger issues of the day LOL. But we talk about just about anything and everything so it was all good :). It was another full-body day. I am having a lot of issues in my skull (hey watch it! I know what you are thinking!), I meant headaches and the feeling my head has been in a vice grip all week. My back and shoulders were definitely an issue, my forearms, and my legs (which are always an issue). My back hasn’t been adjusted in a few weeks, since Dr S recently had surgery, so maybe that is why my back issues were worse.


I had to go back to work when I was done my massage as I didn’t finish everything before I left. I could barely keep my eyes open on the ride home. All I wanted to do was sleep. I made  gluten free pizza while Dave did the overfull sink of dishes. One the pizza was in the oven, I washed my hair and took a bath to get all the massage stuff off of me and my hair DEFINATLY needed to be washed. Pizza. Lay down. I wanted to sleep so bad but just couldn’t fall asleep. Instead, I sat and contemplated all the things I probably could have at least done for a little bit. Like sweep. Or vacuum. Or clean my disgusting bathroom. Nope, nope, and nope. 


I did a lactated ringer instead and it was actually a lot more normal than the past few times in speed, which makes me think I am not quite as dehydrated as I have been. 🙂 But in the meantime, I was so itchy! My thighs, my arms, my bandaging. WAIT, my bandaging?


I took a glance at it in the mirror and noticed that where my skin was raw from the tigaderm was bleeding through. They use a special skin protectant every week on it and move the bandage around a bit, as it does get raw and itch, but it just wasn’t working this week. Ugh. Add another thing to the list. The blood pulled my tigaderm up a bit on the right side, so I put some waterproof medical tape on it and called it good.  


After the few days I had, I was just really sore and tired and ended up calling it a night earlier than usual. And that is fine by me. ZzzzZZZzz

4 thoughts on “October Part 6 – After the Storm

    • I sleep like a rock once I fall asleep now. Thanks klonopin! hahaha it’s the not feeling tired and falling asleep part that is the problem. Well… I am exhausted all the time but for some reason I can’t just go to bed like a normal person.

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