October Part 7 – Good People Can Make For a Better Day

This blog has been brought to you once again by KimmieCakes notes on her iPad! My mind just sucks. A lot lately. And I am also running behind on “my” blogs again. But I like to inform you all with valuable information. 😉 And I run behind because once I start blabbering my blog turns into a novel haha. 


Wednesday morning I felt like I was hung over. Sore and sleepy. I ended up being late for work… surprise surprise! And I didn’t even have an IV excuse since it is my antibiotic holiday. Other than bugs are eating my brain. I laid in bed after my alarm went off. Stretched. Pet the dog. Dozed off again. Shit… it’s been over an hour since my alarm went off. I really should get up now..


Work was a lot better than it had been in the beginning of the week. Not overly productive but that’s alright. I kind of just put things in organized piles as to what needed to be done the next day…. which was suppose to be my day off but whatever. I got a decent amount of OTHER stuff done though.Talk to Dr J’s office about my Clindamycin shipment, call the pharmacy, go to the pharmacy. Deposit some more of my Dad’s retirement for my health checking account. 


The Lyme rage was definitely still lingering from the day before. Windows down even though it was chilly, a large truck went by, revving his engine then flooring it pulling out of the gas station when I was waiting at an intersection. Being the crazy lady I am, instead of ignoring it like the rest of the people waiting in traffic, I screamed out the window (hot flashes yay!) , “Woah loud exhaust, big truck, trying to make up for something, little dick?!” LOL I am awful. Word vomit. Whatever. Tainting the beauty and quaintness of my small town. 


I made it home. Laid down on my couch. Glad I was done errands and everything for the day. I was sore, tired, and just feeling blah. I watched the Katie Couric Show… what a joke. Didn’t help with my rage issues. I don’t even know why I got mad. It was pretty naive to think that it was going to be any different. I was just really hoping I suppose. 


As the show finished, my bestie came over with her 10 year old son and brought me to the apple farm down the road from my house. He pushed me around in one of the carts but he didn’t seem to mind. He’s such a good kid. 🙂 Even though we weren’t gone for very long it was enough to pull me out of my rut I was in and at least made me feel better temporarily as it took my mind off of reality for just a little bit. 


I got home, did some cleaning. Yes, CLEANING! Something I haven’t done in awhile. Nothing too heavy, but enough to no longer look like we could be featured on “World’s Dirtiest Houses”… is there a show like that? I don’t know. LOL There probably is. And I would be on it. Or if there isn’t, let’s trademark that shit right now and I will make some much needed money. 


I cooked a piece of swordfish my Dad gave me, fresh off the boat (His business is wholesale seafood)! Porkchops for Dave, since he didn’t want fish, baked a few potatoes from my in-law’s garden, and some green beans. 


After cooking dinner, my body said when. I didn’t even want to eat. My neck hurt, my knees, thighs and hips were killing me. My glands on my neck were so swollen I couldn’t tell if I was getting a sore throat or if it was from the toxins in my system building up. And I was freezing. 


Regardless as to how I felt, it ended up being the perfect night. Dave came and joined me in bed, and we watched “Paranormal Activity”. We for some reason have never watched it before! I think there are a bunch of them out now, but now we can at least say we watched the first one! Seeing my friend, being with Dave, even just laying, watching a movie, and not talking but knowing he was there…it was just what I needed.


Happy Friday Y’all!


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