October Part 9 – Hello There, Glasses!

Friday was just plain shitty. It started with an emergency eye doctor visit. I  couldn’t remember if i put one or two contacts in my eyes. I think it was only one now that I really am thinking about it. Either way, it burned a lot. I tried getting it out but my eye was dry, so I thought part of it ripped and might have still been in my eye. I called the eye doctors office to see if either doctors were available and I guess they both take Fridays off. Drats. The woman that I spoke with on the phone said she could try to take a look and flush it if I wanted to, and would try to reach them on their cells to see if one could come in to help me. 


No calls by the time I got done getting ready, feeling like a pirate as at that point I didn’t even want to open my right eye. Arrrghhhh! 


I couldn’t take it. I hate eye pain. I tried calling work to let them know the situation, and my phone was not working. Although it said it was completely charged, it kept shutting off on me. I may or may not have broke my last working house phone by throwing it against my living room wall. You decide 😉


I reached work on my cell phone, and I got an okay, an offer for a ride in case I couldn’t drive, but I decided to go on my own, I just asked for the mail to be picked up as I was already running behind. I decided to swing into the eye doctors on my way to work to see if she could at least flush my eye out in the meantime. I was just in luck because one of the ophthalmologists happened to be walking on a scenic path downtown and came right over when they called. Perfect timing, woohoo!


Well… nothing in my eye. It was inflamed, however, and I scratched my cornea. She said it was common to have a sensation like you have something in your eye when you scratch that part of your eye. She double checked to make sure there really wasn’t anything there with a solution that would make the contact or whatever foreign substance colored. Nothing. Flushed my eye again. Nope, nothing! She gave me a numbing agent so it at least wouldn’t be painful anymore. 


I was very surprised, she knew about Lyme disease! She said while I was sitting there, she would take a look at my eyes to make sure I did not have any optic nerve inflammation or scleritis of my eyes. Good to go! I told her about my right eye causing me a lot of problems lately anyways, and my light sensitivity, and she thought it was likely inflammation, but not anything too serious. Just superficial issues causing my problems, at least nothing that would cause permanent damage. Phew. 


She did warn me because of all the irritation that I could end up having a non-contagious conjunctivitis, but didn’t want to give me a prescription abx for it, as she felt I was definately already taking enough antibiotics. In the meantime, she gave me gel drops to put in my eyes 4 times a day to keep it from drying out and becoming more irritated and told me to make sure I wear my glasses for a few days. She came in on her day off, so I gave her a great big thank you. She gave me her cell phone number just in case any issues over the weekend raised. She is definitely awesome. 


I have an actual exam appointment next month but I at least have one less thing to worry about.


Needless to say, I was incredibly late for work. And I got the minimals done. But at least I got them done! I was so pooped after that. I spent my afternoon dealing with a friend and petty drama, which left me angry and frazzled. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I sure don’t, or the energy. Be truthful the first time around and things tend to go much more smoothly. I think it wasn’t a good conversation to begin with because I found out he said I “pick and choose what I do not because I am sick, but because I am lazy…” , so I was already set off. Whatever. Thanks dude. 


At that point, by being angry and my stress levels up, I couldn’t feel my legs below my knees. At least I can still walk that way though, so it is what it is. My joints also have a tendency to yell at me when I am stressed or angry. And so I made friends with my couch again. Dave came home and he ate leftovers, I picked at some but I really wasn’t that hungry. Not eating my feelings? Hmm… I must have been not feeling too hot! 


I spend the entire evening on the same spot on the couch. Texting my friends that weren’t being cruddy poop heads, and watching “Monsters Inside Me”. They actually had one on Lyme and Babesia when I was watching the marathon! Interesting. And glad to see the doctor talking about the girl acknowledged chronic Lyme! With a focus more on that than the first doctor she went to that didn’t know diddly squat. While hanging out on the couch, I at least decided to do a lactated ringer. It was normal this time too! No 40 minute what is suppose to be 2 1/2 hour IVs. That’s at least good positive news. Keeping hydrated. 🙂 


I was so tired, I just wanted to take my ativan and klonopin and go to sleep. But surprise surprise, it was past 2 a.m. when I finally was able to get to the place in my mind that I could fall asleep.

I was seeing spiders that weren’t there once again, and then the itches came back. My scalp, arms, and calfs. So itchy. 


When I went to bed, I was just hoping for a better day. One less stressful, one with possible fun since it was the beginning of the weekend. Dinner with friends? All you can do is think positive that each day will get a little easier.

4 thoughts on “October Part 9 – Hello There, Glasses!

    • I know, right?! I usually see her husband, as they are both eye docs, but I was glad I spilled about everything, my life story (like she wants to hear about it LOL) no judgement, and was so surprised even though I was there for my right eye, she checked EVERYTHING. I am a happy camper. Wearing my contacts again but think I am going to switch over to glasses. My eyes were less sensitive with glasses. Dry but the sun didn’t bother me as bad.

  1. have u tried advanced cell training for cronic lyme and co-infections and many other problems.its helping so many people and u do it from the comfort of your home.best of health to u.

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