October Part 10 – The End of My Holiday

After a few days, my eyes felt a lot better and I could put my contacts back in. Yay. I am definitely investing in a new pair of glasses when I go next month. I feel like I need a bigger pair as with such horrible vision, I feel like I am constantly turning my head to be able to see everything and moving my glasses all around. Big snazzy retro frames are “in” these days as it appears. I will fit right in haha.


Saturday I slept. and slept. and laid in bed. Then I finally went to work. 


I felt more positive than the day before. I goosefrabaad  all the negativity away. At work, I had a hard time focusing and couldn’t believe how tired I was even with all the sleep.


We ended up having dinner with our friends in town.  Simple but just what I needed. I made myself so much worse as being Columbus Day weekend without reservations, I did a lot of walking in and out of restaurants. My body gave me  big “fuck you” in the means of sore knees and high feeling. An early night, once Dave and I got home we watched tv, I couldn’t tell you what movie I watched as I didn’t write it in my notes LOL But a much better day than Friday, other than feeling like I was hit by a bus. I’m tough I can deal 😉


Sunday was a rough day. I woke up realllllyy late. I couldn’t believe how long I slept. I felt like I had morning sickness. No puking, but that gross water in your mouth feeling, and dry heaving but nothing would come up. Oy. Zofran. ok not working. Another Zofran.  


It was suppose to be my day off but I felt like working to take my mind off of it. The nausea went away but I was in a tremendous amount of pain and felt so loopy, like I was one of those string puppets and I could watch myself from above, struggling to enter a few invoices, or like that commercial for “Kayak” with the neuro surgeon controlling the guys brain making him type to do travel searches. You know which one I am talking about, right? Ok.. haven’t seen it? Youtube it so I don’t look like some crazy person. Hey now.. you know what I meant.


My drive home was miserable. Hot cold, hot cold. Windows down, AC, windows up, heat cranking’. Cheese and rice pick one already!  as I got home I felt like a bomb went off in my body. Dave made me take my temperature as he could tell I was like a zombie. It was a little high, 99.4, but not terrible.  My mouth was hanging open, catching flies, as I was rocking back and forth, back and forth in the kitchen. Ok. Snap the fuck out of it, cook dinner. Be normal. And I did. 


I accomplished almost nothing that I wanted to do. I was kind of mad at myself for not accomplishing anything, other than washing my hair. I literally have two heaping piles of laundry that I need to fold, and my house needs a little extra TLC. I just wasn’t up for it after I was done with dinner.


Dave and I watched a movie together, some Halloween vampire movie on Sci Fy, I did a lactated ringer, and we layed on our couch together. My feet were much bluer than I have seen then in quiet some time so I put a pillow underneath them to try to keep them somewhat elevated.


 It is funny to try to squeeze both of us on the couch that is about the size of a loveseat, but it worked because I was absolutely freezing so he warmed me up and the big fleece blanket. 


No nausea, but all of a sudden I was STARVING. I wanted food. Lots of it. But it was slim pickins at our residence. So I finished our leftovers that were meant for the next day’s dinner. Oops!! 


I stayed up really late as I just couldn’t get myself to sleep. Boo. But there was a Lifetime “Killer Profile” serial killer show on that I couldn’t stop watching. I like non-fiction so it worked out pretty well.  I did some writing while watching my show. My knees, neck, and spine were radiating pain so any distractions worked out well. 


I was feeling pretty scared about what was to happen as Monday would be the start of the second half of my protocol. If I feel like this BEFORE my protocol ,What is going happen this time around? I can do it. I’m awesome. Two more weeks. Breathe. 🙂


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