October Part 11 – Welcome Back Zithro IV ;) – Monday Morning Dash

Monday was the start of round two. I woke up ridiculously late, so not off to the best start of my day. My painstakingly loud alarm was going off in five minute intervals for nearly 2 hours. I was out like a light.

I felt like an asshole, as my Dad wanted me to be to work at least NOT three hours late, as it was a holiday so our schedule was off.

I had everything planned to be on time too as it was dressing change day so I had a lot to do in a very short window. Now it was VERY short. Getting ready, knowing I was so behind, and that I still needed to do my IV’s set me into an anxiety attack, but hey, that’s another use of the 1 mg of Ativan I take every morning. I had my scoop of peanut butter for my Mepron and take the rest of my pharmacy that is sitting on my bureau.

Within 15 minutes, I felt like there was something really wrong with my stomach. The pressure, the pain was back. I felt like I was hit by a bomb. I felt completely loopy and barely even managed to wash my face while getting ready as quick as possible. I just wanted to go back to bed. I went back to the couch. I then realized I NEEDED to get up and ready.

Ok, maybe I will just do my Clindamycin IV at work there and save some time. Yes! Perfect idea. Winning. I am SO smart! 

I quickly loaded my pole and equipment into the car and started driving to work. I wasn’t more than two minutes down the road and realized I forgot my tubing to hook up to my IV’s. DAMNIT!  I pulled over at a closely restaurant and was ready to turn around to grab them, but the anxiety kicked in as I was already so late, and I looked back toward where I live and felt so loopy and high that I didn’t want to go back. I needed to make it to work. In one piece preferably. And the rest of the world on the road because I am not an asshole.

I made it! I worked for not even an hour, entering invoices for the following day’s delivery, printed out a purchase summary, and I was told to go home. He saw that I was a hot mess and knew I HAD to go home and do my IV.

Made it home. I hate it when I feel like the clock is ticking on me. I didn’t have a ton of time until I had to be at the hospital to get my dressing changed.

On top of everything, I was in a mad dash to get to the bathroom, probably trying to get rid of the toxins. Probably  another reason why my stomach was hurting so bad earlier. Lovely. I probably would have finished my IVs if I wasn’t having to get up constantly. God damn. There is NO WAY I had that much food in me. I had a scoop of peanut butter, not 8 Thanksgiving dinners. The official Lyme diet. Keeping me slender. LOL

I was only able to do about 3/4s of her IVs until it was time to go. My hips hurt like crazy and my legs felt like rubber as I made it out to my car. I was miserable.

I got to the hospital, and fortunately, everything looked okay with my line, but the tigederm was irritating my skin pretty bad, which is why it was bleeding. Check it out!


The nurse made sure she cleaned it really well, made sure there was enough time to dry, used skin protectant, and tried to move the bandage over a little to try to get my skin a little less irritated.

When I got home, I finished the tiny bit left of my IV and just wanted to go to sleep. I ended up just starting into outer space..literally…no tv and completely lost track of time until Dave got home, woke me up from my trance, then I pried myself off the couch to at least cook dinner for us.

Since I started my IVs way later than usual, I had to wait to do them at night, along with my other antibiotics. I was on my first IV, the Clindamycin, and felt like I was going to throw up. Dave could tell that I just felt rotten and of course asked if he could do anything. I made him bring me a Marinol and I had a few sips of Gatorade (sugar, I know bad, but blue gatorade helps my tummy), and that seemed to do the trick. I finished my final Zithro IV just before midnight.

After the mad dash of a day, I was hoping for a more relaxed Tuesday. Was it? Nope.

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