October Part 14 – But I Don’t Wannnaaaaa

I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed on Thursday if it hadn’t been for the phone call from Dave asking if I was well enough to go with him for wings at 4. It was already just before noon. “Well I don’t know Dave, you just woke me up!” LOL I laid in bed and stretched and took my sweet time before transferring to the couch. Let my dog out, posted my blog for the day, realized I forgot about my dog outside, and then drew my bath.

I really should have washed my hair, but as soon as I saw that water I really just didn’t feel like a bath. A grown up can do that, right? So, quick, probably useless dip, face wash, extra deodorant and dry shampoo spray. An alcohol swab wipe down. Beautiful! Well.. not really, But whatever.


I was still tired even though I slept half the day away, and was sore, but all in all that bad! Unhygienic and unmotivational, yes, dying, no. 


Since I am still behind, I went to work and had my Mom help me work on the fuel report that I had no idea why it wasn’t coming out right. And for once, it wasn’t me! I just entered what was given to me, and the ending miles didn’t match up with the beginning miles a lot of times. So I was kind of doing a happy dance in the chair that I wasn’t suffering from Lyme Brain…. for once. So I got that out of the way. 


I was still feeling okay, so I texted Dave wings were a go. After I ate them, as I have eaten them forever, I finally found out they have gluten in them. Holy moly, what have I been doing to myself? But once the chef there knew I was suppose to be gluten free, they will see what they can do for a gluten-free alternative for me. They are so great, it is the same place that held the benefit for me. 


Makes sense though, I do get even sleepier and my neck swells after going there. I always just thought of it as just being exhausted and feeling like crap for being out for an hour or so. I am very cautious with restaurant items, but don’t know how I never even thought of the wings. They don’t look like they are breaded. But I guess they are. You learn something new everyday.


Once I got home I of course went to check my Facebook. Someone reported me for a picture of Dave and I, a picture in the jungle with my face on a lion’s body and Dave’s on a monkey. Saying it was inappropriate? Seriously??!! Funny and cute, not inappropriate like the millions of teeny boppers that are half naked that their parents don’t seem to care about.


What the fudge! This week can’t go smoothly whatsoever. Clearly someone has an issue but can’t pick up the phone and let me know about it. Whatever. Clearly a case of jealousy because you all know I am awesome. Definitely learned a lesson to make sure more of my stuff is private just in case and dwindle down my list a little more. 


But I handled it much better than the rest of my week. No screaming, crying, yelling, or breaking things. Woohoooo! 


Grey’s and some writing time, exchanging emails with a new friend. 


All in all, not a terrible day, and I am happy for that. A little stinky by the end of the day, but Friday would be a new day. It would be an IV day but who knows? Maybe I would “wanna” and take my bath, wash my hair, wear a “feel good” outfit (ladies, you know what I am talking about, the kind that just makes you feel prettier and feel great), and have an even better day.

4 thoughts on “October Part 14 – But I Don’t Wannnaaaaa

  1. LOL I say what the fudge all the time. Oh, a lot of us lymies have been getting reported for “inappropriate content” on fb lately. Some even banned from posting for a day. Me included. I report actual real graphic porn and they reply back that they found nothing wrong. I just don’t know what to think of that.

    I hope your weekend is going well.

    • I think someone was just being mean and malicious toward me. If you saw the pic on my facebook you would know it was absolutely ridiculous. Oy.

      I feel like poo without any antibiotics over the weekend but it is what it is. I have one more week of taking the pharmacy and then I’m back to DC 🙂

  2. I am still laughing at that pic. Showed my Mom (because we love to laugh at funny stuff like that) and we were howling. I don’t know what it is that cracks me up about that! ha ha…

    Well, we’re starting a new week. Let’s hope it is a good one! 🙂

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