October Part 15 – One More Week!

Friday was the last day of my meds for the week. And yes, I did wash my hair! And take a bath. For societies sake more than my own, because I don’t really care at this point. If you get me a gift for Christmas, I like fruity or flower scented perfumes FYI. It would really be a gift for you. LOL


I wasn’t ridiculously late for work, considering I had my morning drip, all my other antibiotics, and supplements that I took all at once because I had to have a scoop of peanut butter with my Mepron so I didn’t have an empty stomach, so kill two birds with one stone, and took a little “me” time, to wash and style my hair. By the time I got to the store I go to every morning, I felt like a bomb went off in my body. Everything was sore. Coffee, scratch ticket.


The drive to work consisted of hot, AC and windows down, and cold, with the windows up and heat cranking. I hate the hot cold flashes. Even when I was cold I was still sweating buckets. I got to work and noticed sitting down I had that familiar pain in my upper stomach, that it was really tight, warm, and tender to the touch. Sitting upright, the pain was radiating throughout my back.  I try to eat a little something every few hours, and had a little piece of plain chicken and a few gluten free crackers. Yup. Not helping. Sometimes I think I might be hungry and that is what is causing me pain issues. Having the little bit of food made me feel completely nauseated. 


I am ALWAYS on the toilet, so I don’t think that’s the culprit LOL but I am really nervous it could be C-diff, considering I have been taking 5 to 6 antibiotics during my protocol. I have been careful with gluten, however I didn’t know I was eating gluten every time I went to wing night, even though I have only been a couple times in the past month or two. I take Diflucan over the weekends and take stronger probiotics. Then in the back of my mind is liver or pancreas issues, which wouldn’t be anything new. I really have no idea. I am definitely going to mention it on my Monday hospital visit and to Dr. J. Maybe my blood work will reveal something. We’ll see. 


I finished up what I wanted to get done at work, as I kind of just wanted to go home, and relaxed for the rest of the day. No bank, no post office. Just home. I had zero appetite but knew I had to eat something for dinner so an egg and some spinach it was. Yummmm. I was still a good wife and made pancakes and bacon to go along with eggs for Dave. And then back to the couch.


I was still feeling that horrible stomach pain among my other aches that leave me feeling like an 80 year old, and even thinking about my nighttime IVs made me want to hurl. So 2 Marinols before my IVs it was. I think those are the only thing that has helped me, even combat the Flagyl a little better.


Yes, Marinol is the pot pill. No, you don’t get high from it. Kind of unfair if you ask me, but whatever. No munchies. Nothing fun like that. It has a warning label that it “can cause drowsiness”, but I haven’t really found that to be the case. But it helps my stomach issues quite a bit and that makes it okay in my book!


A little through my dreaded Zithro IV, My “make a wish” couple came to visit Dave and I. It was nice to chit chat and we watched “Monsters Inside Me” while they were over. A nice break from watching my bag ever so slowly drriiiiiipppppp drrrriiiiiipppppp drrrriiiiiiippppp. Boredom. My smile knowing I was done until Monday again. Yayyyyy 🙂


They eventually headed home, and then I got to watch my bag and the slow annoying drip that I hate so much. When it was done, I was so happy, as I knew I had TWO whole days off without antibiotics. Over 4 hours of IVs a day is overwhelming. I don’t care if I feel better or worse at this point, I just don’t want to be doing them anymore. But I have to look at it as hurting now, feeling much better later. Right? 🙂


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