October Part 16 – Weekend Off With No Power

Saturday I slept in once again. It was glorious. It was roughly noontime when I got up in the morning. Dave wasn’t home, so it was peaceful. Just kidding. haha. Maybe. With no plans, I just wanted to take it easy for the day. And I did. I wandered around the house in my pajamas, contemplating doing some housework but gave up on that idea, and took a quick morning bath. I accomplished what I needed to at work, mostly because I knew I was going to come in late on Sunday. 


When I said no power, I meant it literally. I am not powerless. I am strong and pretty awesome. 🙂 🙂  


No lights or cable from the time I got home from work until after 10 at night. So what’s a girl to do? I was a scumbag and did not tell A. that we had no power, thinking we were going to have it back at any time or there was power in town, right down the road. Nope! 


Dave, A, and I ventured out a few towns over and got dinner. I love restaurants that state what items are gluten free so I don’t have to think about it. Cajun haddock, potato, a salad, and squash. I might have ordered the salad as an extra side… don’t judge. I was STARVING. I hadn’t felt like eating all day. My stomach was really bothering me but this was the first time that my stomach didn’t feel like I was being punched after eating. 


We came back to my house, only to be in total darkness. And that was okay. We talked and talked about everything and anything. It is nice to have the types of friends that you feel like you can tell them anything and have full trust in them. I have two. I am extremely lucky.  My stomach was pretty grumbly and the drive gave me a headache, but we all just chit chatted and then the power came back on! Woohooo! Internet! She is a slacker so we spent the rest of the night talking Halloween costumes. I love Halloween 🙂 It was a simple yet great night. 


My phone was completely dead and I use that as my alarm clock so it was on the charger for the night.  Dave was my Sunday alarm. 8:00. “Kimmie, time to get up!” “Fuck you, I said 8:45”  8:45 on the dot “It’s 8:45!” “Groan.” I stretched in discomfort until a little after 9. 


Although I had a good time the night before, it took it’s toll on me a little bit. I was tired. And my knees, hips and wrists were throbbing. In turn with my legs, my calfs, thighs and ankles were trying to compensate for the pain so THEY started hurting. It makes me hate moving at all. But I did. TIme to get up and moving. I felt like the Tin Man but I did it. 


Washed my hair again because it was gross, and when I say that, I can’t do it in the sink. I can’t take a shower. The shower head isn’t very good for getting my hair wet and is very risky to get my line wet even with press and seal wrap. So I position myself on all 4’s, and wash my hair under the tub faucet. It’s a god damn pain in the ass. When I constantly talk about washing my hair, that is why I say it. It is a pain. It puts me in pain. 


When I was in the tub, I noticed I have several bruises on my legs and I have no idea why. That is not new for me but yet another thing to mention to Dr. J. Hmmmm…. 


I did my hair and realized I really did a piss poor job washing my hair, as it was a wee bit on the greasy side. Either soap or I missed an entire spot on my head. *Sigh* It was Sunday, massage is on Tuesday and I will wash it then. 


I went to work and finished the daily workload and most of Mondays work because it was going to be back to the grind. I wanted to do more but my mind began to drift and I just couldn’t get it done. I kept forgetting what I was even doing when I was looking at a piece of paper. A bill. Ok. Am I putting it in this pile? Am I paying this bill this week? Did I enter it on the computer already? Time go to home.


 I laid down for a bit and then had a sudden burst of energy. Yay! Instead of knowing my limits, I used it to my advantage more than I should of.  When you lay on the couch all day looking at a pile of pet hair and dirt and can’t move an inch, you better believe when I can get up and go, I am going to fix it. 


I cleaned the bathroom minus the tub (that’s Dave’s job because I don’t have the muscle strength) , swept, vacuumed, dusted, picked up some of my papers consisting of Lyme research, bills, and receipts, everywhere. I was completely out of breath. Out of breath. Like I ran a marathon. Geezum. I use to work out constantly, and I can’t do simple house chores anymore? Apparantly not. I have the feeling I am going to have to do some sort of physical therapy once I am in a better state. 


In the meantime, couch, trying to breathe. I sat and just relaxed and waited for Dave to come home. It was a forge for your own dinner night, he ate all the veggies in our freezer, and I had a small bowl of oatmeal. I probably should have had the veggies, but whatever :). I wanted oatmeal with cinnamon and I mix it with a little organic applesauce.


And then Dave showed me that he did a  horrible disservice to me and bought a GIANT bag of Halloween candy at Walmart with most of my favs, Whoppers, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Kit Kat bars. Really Dave? I hate you.


He went to light up the wood stove for the first time this season, and as he was getting everything ready, my hands were in that candy bag, snacking way, hiding the wrappers so he wouldn’t be able to tell. I don’t think that was the best choice when I am having the stomach pains that I was having but you know what? Shit happens. And this time it was in the form of delicious candy. 


Once he was all done and the stove was going, we watched a few of the “Chucky” movies. God, they are terrible. I think I might have mentioned that in another post but I can’t remember for the life of me. Whatever. 


Not an extremely late night. My mind was foggy so I didn’t do any writing. My knees and back just didn’t want me to be sitting upright. I was not really nervous about starting my protocol again, I am more worried about the end of the week. I can be worried all I want, but I need to keep in mind and be really strong. If you say it is going to really suck, it probably will. A self full-filled prophecy. I am trying to go into this one with an open mind. Flagyl is not my friend. But you know what? MAYBE, it won’t be as bad this time around. And that is the frame of mine I am going into this week’s battle with. 


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