October Part 17 – Seeing the Finish Line of this Protocol

One week. That’s all. One week left until my second “holiday” and I head back to DC. I started it off by waking up late, surprise surprise, haha. I did my Clindamycin IV and my stomach hated me. The pain was back. I had my morning scoop of peanut butter for my Mepron and then all of the oral antibiotics, seizure meds, and supplements.

I felt like a bomb went off. World War 3 inside of Kimmie’s body. Pain. I felt like I could vomit everywhere. Zofran. Couch. Damnit! Even LATER for work. Zofran… you can kick in any time now. Ok… not helping. Another Zofran it is. Fuck it, I am going to work. Quit being a puss. 

It was not even worth me going to work, as I was there for maybe a half an hour then had to turn around and go to the hospital for my dressing change.

I mentioned it to nurse and she didn’t think it was c-diff as it was more intermittent but told me to keep an eye on it as she knows I am on a lot of antibiotics.

I had my bloodwork done and got my labs a few hours later and drumroll please… NORMAL! What the fudge? Why does my stomach hurt so bad? And this is the first time in a long time there were no little “L”‘s or “H”s next to my tests. No high liver enzymes, no pancreatitis. So yay on that one! 🙂 🙂 Woot Woot! So I guess I am just not going to worry about it but will be mentioning to Dr. J. when I see him.

Laying down at the hospital helped. I made my way BACK to work and did what I needed to do for the day. I started fading, feeling loopy, really sore, and nauseous again but not as bad as I felt in the morning. I got home and made a gluten free pizza with lots of veggies and garlic. 🙂 Since I had only had that one scoop of peanut butter as nausea makes you not want to eat anything, my appetite kicked in and I was able to eat and enjoy it. I almost think the gluten free crust is better than crust with gluten. Crispier. Like a flatbread pizza.

Then it was about time for round two of World War 3 of the day. Since I had just had dinner, I took all my orals and Mepron and got ready for my IVs. I was smart and took two Marinols before I even started taking my antibiotics.  Lucky for me, an AMC Fear Fest Marathon was on with the Michael Myers movies and Dave sat and watched with me. One IV down, and a splitting headache decided to join me. Only my Zithro to go. My long and super fun Zithro.

Within a few minutes, I was out like a light. I hated myself for it. I slept from before 8 until around 11. I would have probably slept longer if Dave didn’t wake me up and tell me he was going to bed, and to not forget the rest of my medications as they are all lined up on my bureau in the bedroom and I usually take them when he is going to bed, but I was all hooked up. Shiitttt, why did I do that. As if I don’t have a hard enough time falling asleep when I am suppose to!

It was a late night. My drips didn’t end until around midnight, and I was wiiiideee-awake. I spent my time writing. I finally got up to get a bottle of water and thighs felt like rubber, but my knees in extreme pain. I walked to the fridge very heavy footed and decided to call it a night…. at nearly 4 in the morning.

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