Transmission of Lyme – Not Just By Ticks?

A hugely debated topic among the Lyme community. We all know that Lyme is transmitted by ticks. But what happens once a human is infected with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria? I have brushed upon this topic on a few of my blogs, but thought it really deserved it’s own entry. 


Lyme is the largest growing epidemic in the world. It far surpasses HIV. But what if it came out that Lyme disease was spread in other ways than a tick? There is strong evidence that shows that Lyme is spread in other ways. The CDC and pharmaceutical companies are working on something for this epidemic. I just know it. 


The CDC raised it’s cases of Lyme considerably, and now they are talking Lyme vaccinations. Don’t do it by the way. Just you wait until the day that low and behold it is common knowledge to all that Lyme is spread in other ways. The CDC and pharmaceutical companies will make a “Lyme Away” pill. It sounds like a far stretch like I am crazy, but I am a conspiracist, and a realist. I do not trust what anyone tells me. I do my own research and form my own opinions. This will be happening in our lifetime.  Ok, end rant. Back on topic. 


But in the meantime, 30 days or less and you are cured and you can’t get Lyme in any other way than a tick according to them. Believe them if you would like, but I prefer science and research, not money for “the bad guys” pockets. What do you choose?


It is actually very common for both partners to have Lyme in a relationship. But…living together in a tick infested area or sexually transmitted?  I have said in the past that we already know Dave has Lyme too. He hasn’t been formally tested, but he has it. Over the years, his memory has gotten worse and worse, sometime completely forgets what he is saying, is always exhausted, and his muscles and joints are always in pain. But we just can’t do anything about it right now. I can’t take care of myself, but once I can he’s next! So much to look forward to..


For those of you who don’t know, Lyme is closest related to Syphilis. Both are spirochete bacteria, both can cause many of the same neurological manifestations. Syphilis can be sexually transmitted. But what about Lyme? It would make sense that it could be transmitted sexually, wouldn’t it?

The only argument that I have found is that Lyme is not known to live well with the presence of oxygen, but that does not mean everything is out of the question. Especially with fact based information that shows that it has in fact been spread in other ways than a tick bite. So it can happen!


Research has shown that Lyme is found in semen. In fact, in one study, the Lyme bacteria was found in semen 40% of the time. That’s a pretty decent number in my mind. A study of 32 people with Lyme, 14 of the samples came up positive, being 13  male semen samples and one vaginal pap sample. Of these positive samples in patients with known sexual partners, 100% of their partners came back positive as well. Not 2 people, not 5 people, but ALL of them. 100%!


Also don’t forget, you could be passing the infection back and forth to one another, which is one of the reasons why couples might have a harder time with success of treatment. So, don’t forget a rubber! 🙂


There has been research that shows that Lyme can be spread by there bodily fluids such as saliva and tears. 


Brushing up on a past post, “Lyme and Pregnancy”, Dr. Charles Ray Jones, a leading pediatric Lyme specialist, has treated over 5,000 cases of pediatric Lyme, has found 240 of his cases were born with this disease, not contracted after birth. He has also discovered over 300 cases of Lyme disease as a result of breast feeding or neonatal Lyme disease. Dr. Melissa Kaplan discovered Lyme spirochete DNA from a nursing mother’s breast milk and the umbilical cord by a PCR blood by a PCR test and confirmed by culture and microscopy. 


Lyme can be spread in ways other than transmission of a tick. Mosquitos have indeed tested POSITIVE for the borrelia bergdorferi, (Lyme bacteria). Although it has been found that those aren’t a likely vector for the disease for a few reasons including: mosquitos don’t take very long to get a meal and to contract Lyme, you have to have a tick be on you for a longer period of time. Ticks also have a protein that makes the bacteria last longer in them so they are a more sustainable host for the bacteria. So, not a likely vector but Lyme isn’t just in ticks!


The Lyme bacteria could also be spread by mites, spiders, gnats, fleas, and even lizards! Yes, lizards! A lot of other animals other than deer, birds, or, mice are also known to harbor the disease, including chipmunks and shrews, so maybe this is a possibility why the spectrum has broadened. 


There is a “theoretical risk” of this disease being spread via blood. According to the American Red Cross, if you have a “current infection” of Lyme, you cannot donate blood within a year of infection. Although this states they don’t necessarily believe in chronic Lyme, it is safe to assume that even the American Red Cross recognizes that there is a risk and danger of transmission through blood. If there was NO worry, then why would there be any rules about it?


The CDC in Atlanta, Georgia clearly states that their data shows that Lyme bacteria can indeed survive the blood processing techniques used for transfusions in the U.S.. Hmmm. Now THAT doesn’t sound like a “THEORETICAL RISK” to you, now does it!?! And “atta boy” CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, for not being complete lying pieces of shit to make some money. I was proven wrong that you all weren’t complete scumbags by reading that tidbit. I would also assume the same would be for organ donation. 


I should note, that not everyone that has Lyme knows they have Lyme. Everyone has different symptoms, if none at all. Some experts believe ONE IN FIFTEEN Americans are infected. Like I said, there are likely millions out there that are carriers, but have a strong and healthy immune system, so they are completely symptomatic. 


I should also note, there is also high evidence that Lyme never really goes away, but rather goes into a state of remission. Just think folks. A hidden yet very real epidemic now. Imagine is this was recognized by the everyday public? Probably won’t happen for a long time, but until then, be smart. Your decisions might effect someone else, for the rest of their life.



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10 thoughts on “Transmission of Lyme – Not Just By Ticks?

  1. The Germans I think might have already proven that mosquitoes can transmit Lyme. It does not take time to transmit unless one believes the CDC.

    Dr. Cowden believes half the population has Lyme and that raw dairy can transmit Lyme as well.

    Good topic. Thank you for writing about it.

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  3. Gosh, I just recently started seeing a WONDERFUL woman with chronic LD. We have done nothing more than kiss, but obviously this is a concern that needs to be addressed. Thank you for the useful info and best of luck to you all.

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