October Part 19 – With Time Brings Progress :)

I woke up just past my alarm on Wednesday. It took me forever to get ready, however. So the answer is no, I was not on time, for those of you who stay tuned to my blog. 🙂 My morning Clindamycin drip started that chain. Nausea. That awful watering in your mouth. Smelling things that you couldn’t smell before that just gross you out. I didn’t want to get into the bath. So a quick one for me. Then it was time for my scoop of peanut butter for my Mepron and other fun stuff. That scoop of peanut butter had me gagging but I got it down. 


I decided to take a Marinol which I normally don’t take in the morning but I am glad I did. The bomb went off once again in my body making me feel like I got hit by a train, along with the nausea. I made it to work, and did what I needed to do. I felt better as I sat there at work, and the bomb slowly subsided and although still with my usual  Lymie pain and exhaustion (which I can deal with), I was way better off than what I thought the morning would bring throughout the day. The nausea just about completely went away. 


Thanks Marinol! *holds up my pot pill prescription bottle with a smile like it’s a tv commercial*


After work, I had some errands to run. I went to the BANK, the PHARMACY, and the local GROCERY STORE to get a drink, all by myself. Without having to sit at the bank or the pharmacy for a break. 


The lights at grocery stores kill me. I just can’t do it. I looked straight down and at least the drinks are all up front. I have not been in a grocery store unchaperoned since about February with terrible results and I have only been to a few stores even with someone ever since. 


I made it to my car and sat for a minute. I was completely out of breath and shaking, but completely ecstatic at my accomplishment. Those of you that are not sick are probably thinking, “what, are you kidding me?” but for someone who has been in a wheelchair to get around, needed help to take a bath, or by doing anything like what I just did put me into a seizure, I was jumping for joy. Well, not literally… I didn’t want to push it too far. LOL 


But that is amazing. 6 months ago, that wouldn’t even be in the realm of possibility. Not even close. Three months ago, not a possibility. Even though I still have really bad days and I am not back to my normal self, which I am not sure I ever will be fully, I cannot believe the leaps and bounds I have made since seeing Dr. J. Although I am not necessarily having more “good days”, I am doing much better on my “good days” than I have ever imagined at this point. My previous treatment just wasn’t working for me. I had never had a Babesia treatment and I think that part of it was a huge one. 


Tears of joy were streaming down my face. I know regardless how rough the past few months have been, I am moving forward. It gave me hope and reassurance that I will have the chance to be “me” again. Little steps. But in the right direction.


I got home and I took my seizure meds and relaxed. And relaxed. I was worn out from the day’s adventure. I was loopy and didn’t really feel like doing anything. Dave’s Mom stopped by and made dinner and then left shortly after so I could rest. 


My nighttime meds seemed to go by quickly. My drops were the same speed but finished a half an hour early. I’ll take it! 


Afterward, my legs felt like jello. The tiredness kicked in full gear… but not the kind that I could just fall asleep like a “normal” person and instead stay awake until the wee hours of the morning. 


I came in to kiss Dave goodnight and he told me he was so glad I was able to do the things I did today, but was angry as he felt I did to much for my limits. His words before bed really made me go back into reality from the euphoria I was feeling from completing all my tasks.


“I think you did too much. You have Flagyl for the next two days, on top of everything else.” This is going to be tough, really hard, and I think you overdid it. I think you are going to be mad at yourself. You’re gonna send yourself into a god damn coma if you keep doing this! I know you can do it either way but it isn’t going to be fun.”


I sat on the couch as he went to bed and thought to myself anxiously, he might be right. But I am going to try my best to prove him wrong. It’s the law of marriage. I ALWAYS have to be right. And I want to be in this case more than ever. 


I hate you Flagyl. I am not going to let you win. Game on. 


4 thoughts on “October Part 19 – With Time Brings Progress :)

  1. Love, love, LOVE this!! Just had to read the last few paragraphs to my husband as we both laughed….not at you darling….but with you. I go through the SAME thing. I absolutely despise Flagyl more than any of the other hundred meds! I pray you continue to progress nicely. I saw Kim in Dr. J’s office again on Thursday…..it just never ends.

    • I saw Kim for my first appointment but they switched me to Dr J. Love her too. Yes Flagyl sucks. Cipro is also my arch nemesis, I hope I don’t have to take that again but we will see. I think we can all relate in one way or another. It’s good to find others seeing Dr J too. Hope your treatment is going okay !

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