Messy Tegaderm

Dr. J. refers to the time off of antibiotics as a “holiday”. It isn’t really for many. In layman’s terms, it is really just a way of monitoring your progress. If you are doing WORSE off antibiotics, you have a ways to go.

If you feel BETTER off of them, you are really headed in the right direction. Which means less herxing, just getting better. Toward remission. The goal in this.

Well, I still feel like shit. But making progress when I am ON the antibiotics without a doubt.

I have always been known throughout my life to have extreme nightmares, night terrors, and sleepwalking, starting from the time I was a child (one of the very early signs of Lyme in children). Dave has said recently I have been “jibber jabbering” in my sleep lately but he couldn’t make out what I was saying. A few cuss words and a bunch of things he couldn’t make out. So basically myself talking? 🙂

If you have read some of my  past blogs you will know how some of the antibiotics have given me a few off experiences to say the least. 🙂

I was in a dead sleep and I woke up suddenly hearing the noise RIIIIPPPPPP, like duck tape being ripped off of something. In my sleep I completely ripped off my tegaderm, my bandaging for my chest port. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. I can’t even stand or walk to the bathroom at this point. My body just wouldn’t let me. And I didn’t want to wake Dave up.

Ohhh nooooooo. Mind over matter, mind over matter, I need to get to the bathroom and fix this like right now. 

If you have any experience or knowledge of PICC lines or chest ports one of the very important things is to keep your line covered. So this was bad. Very bad. I have a line sticking out of my chest and nothing covering it.

After a few minutes of sitting and carefully evaluating what I did with my fingers, I realized I had only pulled off the entire top half. Yeah. entire top half. Joy. But better than what I thought!

So I figured I could salvage it. I put my glasses on and waddled my way to the bathroom and pretty much all I could do was put medical tape on it and wait until Monday, a day away. I wasn’t going to open an expensive kit nor was I going to spend 600$ and go to the emergency room.

Time for decoration.


Here is the final result. All patched and pretty-like. Thank goodness my dressing change is tomorrow… well technically today because there is just no way I would be able to fall asleep right now. So this is my before bed post. I just can’t believe I completely forgot about this… odd because it is on my body, on my chest. The first thing I see in the mirror. But it is what it is 😉

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