October Part 21 – Last Day

Last day of World War 3 inside my body until I see Dr. J again. It comes to me as a great relief but a fear as to what is next to come. But I have faith in him, as I have begun to make some steps forward. 


I got up exactly 2 hours past my alarm… not bad, not bad. I was smart and took a Marinol before I even dared to start my drip. And I am glad I did. My nausea was at a dull roar when I took all my pills with a scoop of peanut butter, including Flagyl, whom is not a very good friend of mine. 


I had a short day at work but accomplished everything I needed to.. I felt kind of bad that I left because I had a hair appointment. Oh well. The bomb inside me remained to be not too bad when I went to the salon but soon after I got home I was incredibly drowsy, sore, had a headache, and having a slight right eye ptosis issue. lol. Keeping attractive. 


My best friend had no idea she was having some people over for her 30th birthday, so I knew I needed to buck up a bit. I relaxed on the couch before we left, and I got the okay from her boyfriend (this is my make a wish couple 🙂 )  to do my IVs at his house. I felt weird doing them there, but I was going to be sitting on the couch anyways, as the party was 6 to 9, but I didn’t want to wait until I got home for the fact that if I did, I would be doing them past midnight. I just wanted my Friday to be over with. Freedom from the IV pole for 9 whole days, with the exception of whatever new concoction I have to try in DC. Just a flush and a heparin. 


We arrived before we knew she would be there. At least I knew most of the people there and felt comfortable with them. I didn’t want to feel like I was the sickly girl in the corner with a blanket half asleep doing my IVs. But either way, of course I was going to show up. She is my friend who has been there for me since day one and of course I am going to be there for her. No matter how I felt. 


The night went a lot better than expected. I took a couple of Marinols once again before I left the house and felt terrible during my first IV, surprisingly and then went through my bomb of pills, with exception of my Mepron, as I didn’t want to bring the bottle and peanut butter, and did my Zithro IVs. I was sleepy and a little loopy but the IV went surprisingly quick and was better than usual. Phew! I am wondering if it was a dehydration issue that made it go so quickly. Either way, it was nice to be able to be there for her on her day. 🙂


Once we got home, I didn’t even have to take a klonopin. No thoughts other than sleep. The next day was the Halloween party that I had been fearing all week. All my stuff came in last minute (yay!). And so I slept. And slept. 

P.S. I am sorry I forgot to do my usual thumbs up of excitement photo. I am sure you are all okay with that though 😉


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