October Part 22 – Halloween Party 2013

It was finally the big day. The Halloween party that I look forward to every year. A lot of worries had stricken me but I finally thought to myself… it is what it is. I am going to try to have fun. I have my sunglasses, I have earplugs, I have my portable wheelchair if I have any issues of that sort. If anyone is mean… fuck them. I had this fear that I would either get judgement for being out for 3 hours or have people make fun of me if I was ticking or just because I was sick.  But who would want to be mean to be anyways?  I am just plain awesome. Period.


The Flagyl was wearing me down when I finally got up. I felt like it broke up those cysts and the little spirochetes were swimming inside of me, destroying my body. Exhausting me. But I was determined. I had a little bit to do at work and then went home and relaxed, put my feet up, and did a lactated ringer to try to get some of the toxins out of me. And boy it did. Thanks Flagyl and a lactated ringer for being a surefire way to lose a few pounds! Good thing that ended as I definitely would have had to stay home LOL


My friend A. came over to get ready with Dave and I, as her costume was completely wrong when she got it, with crappy stitching and the sizing all wrong. So biker chick it was. Dave thought she looked like an 80’s groupie, but it worked. It was easy enough since Dave was hogging the bathroom as he does every Halloween. Dave and his makeup. And this was the final product 🙂


We had a good time. I sat for most of it, and stayed away from the separate room where there was a DJ with the loud music and lights that might have set me off for a seizure. But I got to see a lot of familiar faces. And you know what? Everyone was nice to me. No one treated me different. That was a huge relief as that was probably my biggest fear. A girl I know even made the kind gesture of bringing in a chair for me when they were announcing the winners in the other room so I could sit and hear what they were saying. 


I think my fear had stemmed from some of the incredibly unkind words that I had heard in weeks past, and it brought me to every single mean thing that has been said to me. But I think I still need to have more faith in people, because they are not all bad. 


And Dave and I won best couple’s costumes, our sixth year in a row. 🙂 Yes I am bragging a little. But after KimmieCakes big night out, I think I deserve to brag a little. As soon as they announced it, it was surely time to go home. I was beat.


 I of course took the time to do more bragging rights on Facebook and was planning on taking a bath as I had gel in my hair to keep hair from poking out of my wig that was already a little on the small side. 


As soon as I wrote that, pajamas and bed. Gel in hair, costumes on floor. It could wait until Sunday. 


4 thoughts on “October Part 22 – Halloween Party 2013

  1. That Flagyl is nasty stuff – I had no problems on doxy for 3 years, then switched to Flagyl and bam! All kinds of nasty side effects and yeast problems.

    So glad you got out and enjoyed the party! Your costumes look awesome! Cindy Lou Who is a personal favorite of mine, and we have a cookie/Grinch party every year (used to be a big party; these days, it’s just us and our closest, oldest, most understanding friends but in some ways it’s even better).

    Parties can be tough – I hate having to sit while everyone else is standing – feels a bit awkward to be staring at everyone’s bellies (or worse!). And not being able to drink or eat half the food is no fun, either. But, if you can manage it once in a while, it is always nice to be among friends and enjoy a semi-normal evening. Glad you managed it!


    Live with CFS

    Learning to Live with CFS is now on Facebook!

    • Yes Flagyl sucks but definately a great incorporated medication.

      Haha, I am not the only Cindy Lou Who? 😉 It was my first time “out” in a year… other than a quick dinner so I wasn’t sure how I would do. I missed being up and about and dancing but hoping for next year!

      Thank you 🙂

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