October Part 23 – Date Day With My Husband

The day after the Halloween party I did not have to work. I get one Sunday off a month and this just happened to be the one, which worked out PERFECTLY for me. Dave made sure he made no plans for the day, as he wanted to spend it with me.


 Last time I had a Sunday off I completely forgot to tell him about it, and he went out of town with a few friends, and he felt bad. I honestly didn’t really feel bad because I slept and spent my day on the couch in and out of awakens and feeling completely terrible, so I didn’t want to do anything. But this time I wanted to try to tackle having a date. We really haven’t had “date” time in a very long time. A quick bite to eat, watch a movie, simple stuff. But we have really not spent the entire day together and do something in a very long time.


I originally wanted to do breakfast but I got a “let’s be real here”, from Dave and he was definitely right. He knows me all to well. Then I was thinking brunch. I got a “we’ll see”. Well, by the time I got up just before noon once again, Dave had finished all his chores including going to the dump and splitting firewood. He went grocery shopping and knew I would be getting up and had a coffee for me in hand right as I was getting out of bed. 


He knows me all too well. Kind of scary. But kind of great 🙂


So I sipped my coffee and laid on the couch. He knew today was going to be a tough one for me since I had just gotten off all my medications for one, and the next being overdoing it as I always do, with my friends party and then the Halloween party. He is very understanding at least. By the time I got ready and up to go, it was already one in the afternoon. Ok, so “Date Day” turned into “Date Half Day”. 


He already had what to do planned out in his head. He took me a few towns over to a Japanese restaurant with amazing sushi. I stuffed my face with 22 pieces of sushi. Yes, twenty two. Dave joked, “well, you definitely have your appetite back!”! He then took my to one of my favorite little country stores, and by that time I was exhausted and he held my hand to help me get around. We got a few penny candies ( I love honey sticks) and salt water taffy for my Mom and swung by and visited them to drop it off as I would surely forget it. 


By then I was ready to go home. I started ticking pretty bad on the ride home so I knew I had really overdone it. As soon as I took my boots off I hit the couch and napped and napped. I woke up around 7 and watched a show with Dave about a guy’s company that makes Halloween decorations. Kind of neat. 


After that it was time for bed. Well not for me, but for Dave. I had a great day with my husband but it occurred to me that I am a really shitty date. Not only did I miss breakfast and brunch, he took care of me at the store, and I fell asleep as soon as I got home. LOL But I think he was happy. And I was too. 


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