October Part 24 – En Route to DC

 Once again, I wait until the last minute to do everything. Monday was dressing change day, I got my messy tegaderm all fresh and so clean clean, but I am sad to report that it is now disgusting and bloody again. I might try to change it myself in the next coming days. We will see.


 I have everything but am afraid of actually putting that on. I am afraid I am going to wrinkle it like crazy, but I think it needs to be done.  It is so itchy and every time I scratch at it which I know I shouldn’t, my skin begins to weep and bleed where the sticky part of the bandaging is. I need to wear mittens or something. Oy.


It was another day even though no IVs that I was running tremendously behind, and once I got to work I pretty much had to turn around and head to the hospital, only to head back to work again.


I was pooped when I was done for the day and took a nap after I got dinner all situated, and thank goodness Dave has gotten down the routine of waking me up from my nap so I am not sleeping really late so I have an even harder time falling asleep. 


I was surprised even though I was off antibiotics, I was not remotely as bad as what I was during my first round’s break. I had no idea what to expect at Dr J’s this time around. Hmmm… 


Tuesday was a clusterfuck to say the least. And then I think the overdoing it kicked in. Woke up late, absolute panic, one gram of Ativan didn’t even give me a placebo effect ,and had to finish TWO days of work in one. AHHHH!!! And massage. Fortunately, this time of year begins to dwindle down for us until the holidays, so it wasn’t that difficult to catch up and get everything I needed to get done before I left.


My massage was pretty painful. A lot of skull issues. On a good note my circulation and temperature regulation in my legs were doing better. Some things better, some things worse. That is Lyme. 


Plane tickets. My B-12 shots were delivered so I had to take care of them. I needed to take a bath and wash my disgusting hair. I needed to cut my nails because even that is a daunting task sometimes after trying to take a bath. I didn’t pack yet. Yup. I pretty much suck at life sometimes. At the point of my bath and trying to get my hair situated, I thought my heart was going to pop out of it’s chest. But I managed to get everything done!


Dave got home and then we were off on our way to Boston for the night. A that point with the stress of it all and just having a Lymie moment, I felt so high and loopy, and my knees, hips and calves were killing me and I was FREEZING. Even with a jacket, the heat cranking and my furry fake Ugg boots couldn’t touch this. 


As soon as Dave and I got to the hotel, we laid in bed, and I just tried to warm up and relax. He was hungry so we went downstairs and had a bite to eat since I hadn’t really eaten anything all day and he was hungry. I thought as soon as we got there even though it was in the same building I would have to go back upstairs to my room. I felt terrible. Everything in the room was fuzzy. But as soon as Dave and I started talking it took my mind off of feeling like crud and I at least ate a few bites of his nachos. 


A little tv as we are addicted to the show “Oddities” whenever they have a marathon. Bed. Long day ahead for me. It was 5:30 when we had to get up in the morning to get ready for the shuttle for our flight. I haven’t seen 5:30 for a lonnnng time. Unfortunately, it was a sleepless night. Here is my evidence:


If this isn’t terrible than I don’t know what is LOL. And I don’t know how Dave has not left me yet waking up to this. THAT is love.


I got ready the best I could as I was still obviously in a zombie state, and went downstairs and had a scoop of eggs to be able to take my pills and then we left for the airport! I should note, no wheelchair, I WALKED. Yep, walked. Second time. Winning!


Way early to arrive at the airport, per usual. Photo session of course! As you can see I got a little better with some freshening up. 🙂 As soon as I boarded the plane, I was OUT, until it was time to land.

I was nervous. I did not know what to expect for my 4th IV session with Dr. J. I kind of already knew what he was going to think and plan, but I wanted to relax and just realize that this is a process, and he will know the right path for me.

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