November 2 – A Taste of the Storm

It was the day after I got back from DC. The day after I tried my new IV in the protocol, Cipro. I got up just before noontime and felt like a horrible mother since I completely forgot I had to pick up my dog. Holy crap I felt like I had a few too many margaritas. Hangover without the booze. Like a New Year’s Eve hangover. A Cinco de Mayo Hangover. A St. Patty’s Day hangover. LOL You get the idea. 


Everything was just flu-like sore. Slammin’ headache. Groggy. My toes were numb and the  middle and back part of my feet ached. I can’t remember what it is called but to be honest I am too out of it to look it up on google at the moment. Ok now I remember… arch and heel.. I think. Right? 


For that matter I have been working on a information post for the past week and I just can’t do it. Out of it. (Update: I finally finished it before I posted this! Woot!) Papers piling up on my couch and my brain won’t work. 


It was a hair washing day and I took a decent bath. I just felt gross from the traveling and knew it couldn’t wait another day. I took my time even though I kept getting distracted by everything and getting extremely confused even just putting an outfit together. I felt like I was moving around 


The infusion nurse at DC looked at my tegaderm and prescribed me Nasonex to try to get it to stop being itchy, irritated and obviously bleeding. She said it could wait until Monday’s dressing change. But I will try that and see how it goes. The redness has at least calmed down so I know the irritation is calming down on it’s own. I have been sleeping with a sweatshirt to try not to scratch at it… or pull it off like I have already done before. 


Once I was all ready and got my much needed coffee, I picked up the dog, who was so happy to see me. 🙂 I thought about everything I could do like get a much peered pedicure after feet being a mess but payroll was it for the day, and I just wanted to go home. Dave texted me while he was at work to see if I wanted to get picked up for our Thursday night wings, but once I was home all I could think about was how happy I was to just finish the day, and how good it felt to lay down. Green beans for dinner. And I was okay with that. 


After Dave went to sleep, I was watching scary movies since it was Halloween after all, but I was completely out of it. The bugs came back. My body itched like crazy. I kept thinking the lights were going out in my house, but I wasn’t sure. The clocks were all right in the house, so I think it was just another figment of my imagination. 


And that was my day after Cipro IV. No other six or seven antibiotics to join it. I don’t think I am going to have a wonderful time at all. But it is November now. The month of Thanksgiving. Probably my second favorite holiday. I love food, if you haven’t been able to tell yet. 😉 Anyways, I am keeping in my head every single day something to be thankful for. I promise anyone in a struggle, whether it is your health, or life in general, if you do this, think of all the great things in your life you may be forgetting, you will offset all the bad and the positivity will come through. I think I will really need it to get through this month. 


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