November Part 5 – If I Could Turn Back Time

Tuesday was one of those mornings when you wake up and think, “oh shit!”. I looked at my cell phone that I use as my alarm and it was 11. Mind you I am suppose to be at work at 9. Hence the song, “If I Could Turn Back Time”, popped into my head. Well… at least the first phrase over and over, because I really don’t remember a single other word of the song. But needless to say, I couldn’t… and I was indeed running very late. 


 No IVs or antibiotics for Tuesday, just my Lactoferrin and Xylitol, but I get ready in the morning at the speed of molasses. Not because I am one of those girls who takes an hour doing her hair and makeup, but because it just takes me twice as long to do anything. I was still feeling the beat down from the day before.


Plus I needed to shave my furry legs and armpits since it was massage day. She doesn’t want to see or feel that. 


I decided to call my very understanding work, and told them I would be in AFTER massage. Made sense. I was glad I wasn’t in such a hurry, and rested before going to massage. My head and legs were the the issues of the week. Afterwards, instead of feeling better like I usually do, I felt like crud. Very tired crud. But I had to go to work. Blah. 


I finished what I needed to and came home. Had to make dinner. I made a gluten free pizza dough and put leftover chile on it. Different. But it still tasted pretty good. Chef Boy R Kimmiecakes. 😉


The rest of the night I went downhill once again. My legs I couldn’t figure out the main source of the problem but balance issues were very bad. I could feel my feet (sometimes I don’t) and I certainly felt my throbbing knees. So I am thinking it was a calf, hip or thigh issue.


Dave and I were opening some mail, including my bazillion hospital bills and noticed one was unpaid… even though it was, but it got sent to the wrong department. why they can’t transfer that money to the right department in the same exact building is beyond me. 


While trying to figure this all out, I was a cross between having Lyme rage and being completely brain fogged. It resulted in not listening to a darn word that was being said to me by spacing out into lala land and swearing and calling her an idiot and it is their fault and I wasn’t going to pay it… just plain being irrational.

And that is when Dave took over and everything was squared away. No collections. The person he spoke with’s name, the head of the billing department’s name. My info on file that they screwed up and I am waiting on a credit to send it to the right department. It is great to have a husband willing to do those things for me. Especially when I am starting to really get mad and my brain shuts down. 


Silver livings though… I got my money back from the hotel! No response from anyone so I think I am going to do my best to fly into DC the night before this time around. I don’t really have a choice to stay there depending on when my appointment is and when we have to fly out since they have a shuttle, unless I find another one, but I was really pissed that I got NO response, even from the manager and billing. It will be easier on me anyways staying in DC since I won’t have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn. And maybe Dave and I can discover a new breakfast place that we will love. 🙂


I spent the rest of the night with a combination of sore, numb, and grumpy from the whole phone incident. 


I was wide awake on the couch before I went to bed, typing away, listening to a crappy Lifetime movie, and the power went out. 


Not only was there not a single light in my house other than my dinky cell phone, I was doing the crab walk at that point.  Fun for me, I forgot about my line (who forgets they have an IV sticking out of their chest? Apparently I do..) and had to flush it out in this darkness.


 I kept pressing buttons on my cell phone so it wouldn’t go to sleep but I’ll tell ya I think it is kind of sad having the level of ease doing these that I do, even when I really couldn’t see a darn thing. No lights means go to sleep. All bundled up with my 3 comforters, fuzzy socks, long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, and pajama bottoms, that’s just what I did. 


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