November Part 8 – End of Week One – Protocol 4

 Friday! I was still stressing but my goal of the day was to not worry as much as stress does not help with Lyme symptoms whatsoever. 

Anywho I actually woke up at a reasonable time (yay!) but it still took me awhile since i had to do my Cipro IV, the rest of my meds, and wash my hair since there was no way I could go another day without doing it. 

Everything really hit me once I got to work. Light headed, my eyes blurry, sore all over but mostly back and leg issues. 

Even though I took a Marinol, the nausea started. I knew the nausea probably would come eventually, since that was a past issue when I did oral Cipro. I know they can be different when doing IV’s, but I am starting to have that same effect. 

I tasted a gross metallic taste in my mouth and could feel my “furry” tongue come back. The medicine could be causing the metallic taste in my mouth, and the tongue issue is either the beginnings of oral thrush or what Dr. J believes is toxicity overload. Wanna french kiss, Dave? haha. I am assuming a big fat NO on that one. 😉

I was trying to finish up work as soon as I possibly could, but my Dad wanted me to set up a form for e-mailing price lists to customers and my mind just wasn’t in it. I worked on it a bit with him and had to give up. As soon as I walked out of my car, I decided I wasn’t going to run errands, except the drive thru at the bank for work, and head straight home. I was going to pick up take-out since Friday has lately been a take-out night for us, but had to call Dave and have him pick it up.

Home, relax. The nausea set in after I ate my salad again. Marinol, Zithro IVs. I wanted nothing more to take a nap but for some reason I had terrible chest pains while doing my Zithro, I turned it off of course, but it was just a crippling pain, feeling like someone was sitting on my chest. After about 15 minutes or so, the pain went away enough to give it a go. Dave thinking I might have had it on too fast, but I don’t think it was. For arguments sake I will go with that, since I don’t really know what what could have caused it and quite frankly I don’t even want to think about it. 


Once I was done my IVs and pain session, I stared at the computer, trying to figure out what to write about. I had a couple of ideas written for my informative blog, but nothing seemed appealing to me. Write about myself? No.. that didn’t really feel appealing to me either. 

The rest of the night, I was just a debbie downer. Yes, positive Kimmiecakes was bummed out. 


Statuses that sound more fun than couch time, seeing photos, although usually staged but all the same, people OUT having fun. 

My goal of the day failed and things ate away at me. My dog, money, friends that weren’t as good as I thought, but most of all, being sick just made me sad. 

I thought to myself, tomorrow is another day. I’ll make sure I keep that chin up 😉


3 thoughts on “November Part 8 – End of Week One – Protocol 4

  1. Get off Facebook. It is soooo awesome to not have to stare at everyone’s life like that. The thing that irritates me about it (FB) is that there were people I was friends with that tried to make their life look perfect, but it is full of issues like anyone else. ha ha

    • I like it and I don’t. There isn’t a whole lot to do and I enjoy the extra communication, but on a Friday night when I feel like poo and see that people are going out for cocktails and dancing, it reminds me… oh yeah… that was me. I gotta admit I do keep some friends on my list for sheer entertainment of their train wreck drama filled lives haha or FB arguments!

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