November Part 9 – Lactoferrin and Xylitol Weekend

It wasn’t  a completely “antibiotic free” weekend, but kind-of-sort of. I still was on part of a protocol that I think Dr J is beginning to incorporate with a lot of his patients.  Lactoferrin and Xylitol. Lactoferrin is a protein present in milk and other secretions, with bactericidal and iron-binding properties.  Xylitol is actually a naturally occurring alcohol found in most plant material, but extracted from birch wood to make medicine. It can also be used as a sugar substitute because it tastes very sweet. Thank’s once again, Google! You are so smart. 


When Lactoferrin and Xylitol are used together, they break up the biofilm, releasing those little spirochetes so I can murder them with my antibiotics. 😉 Just because they are naturals, do not underestimate the herx! 


It is also a bonus that the Xylitol tastes like sugar, considering since this journey I have had so many medications, drinks for ultrasounds and CTs, and tinctures that Dr S has made me ( I am convinced he could probably make them taste like chocolate pudding but doesn’t for me 🙂 ) that were just plain disgusting. So a nice change. 


I got out of my Friday night pity party, and it was a brand new day. 


To be honest with you, I felt terrible! Brand new day, brand new day, I kept thinking to try to make the way I was feeling go away. As soon as I got up I felt nauseas, so I took a Marinol. Pain pain pain. That cloudy high feeling. I wouldn’t have gotten up if my Dad didn’t call me to tell me he got the mail. But it was time to get up, so that’s what I did!


Ok well I lied… couch time before I got ready. As you can tell I looked like I partied hard and had a decent hangover. Thanks Lyme!


It took awhile to get ready, although I decided to skip a hair wash as I did it some time in the past day or two, I can’t remember… I would at least take the time to put my face on and take an effort to put an outfit together. Dave surprised me and said he was going to take me to the movies and dinner. Yay! 🙂 Ok, I will feel fine.


After getting ready, I made Dave take a few pictures of us as it has been awhile since I got “ready” with makeup and all, and had my picture taken. It was nice despite feeling like crap, I actually felt pretty. And normal looking. MAC makeup works wonders… if you actually spend the time to put your face together!


I went and got a coffee on my way to work, and I asked the owner of the store if my right side of my face looked funny, as I could feel the muscles pulling down on my face on my drive there. “Yeah, your eye loops a little droopy”. Bah! I got to work and did that I had to do. I was stressed out since I was still working on designing a regular e-mail type of thing to send out to certain customers. I finally did it alright. I stuttered a bit talking to my Dad and was getting rather grumpy with a hint of Lyme rage, so I decided that everything else could wait. I wanted to go home. If I wore Dorothy’s slippers, I would have clicked them 3 times to get there in an instant and I just wanted some time in bed. 


As soon as Dave saw me when I got home, he immediately saw that it ending up being a shitty day for me. “We can wait for another night to go out if you don’t feel good.” No. I am GOING to go to the movies. Especially after my feelings of being bummed about being a couch potato from the night before. 


I laid down for a bit then was ready to roll. One of my best friends called me as we just left our driveway, asking what we were doing, and it was perfect timing, so two 2 turned to 3. That’s okay though, we always have a good time. And that’s what we did. 


Now… this is NOT all my candy and popcorn. FYI. Dave went to the bathroom and I was holding it for him. I promise! We ate at a buffet before the movie and let me tell you, I broke A TON of rules. Candy, banana cream pie, root beer, stuffed mushrooms. I felt even more terrible afterward, but you know what? I am not sorry. Yes, it reaffirms that I have some serious food intolerances, but I am human. And I think I really needed a “normal” day. 


 I stuttered quite a few times in conversation during dinner and in the car, almost like a stutter/tic sort of thing but I was REALLY good during the movie. No tics at all. Everyone that knows me is pretty use to it and they carry on conversation as if I never just sounded like I shorted a circuit or two in my noggin. haha. 


This was my first “serious” movie I have been to in a long time. We have made it to the movies a couple times, as it can work pretty well because all I ever do is just sit anyways, but I have always watched funny movies, so if my tics were bad, people wouldn’t notice it as much because people would be laughing throughout the movie. 


I made it through a movie without having tics. Who knew at 26 I would be proud of myself for sitting through a “movie that wasn’t a funny one”.  (It was the remake of “Carrie”, by the way). Despite my struggles, I know I am definitely making progress. 


I was half in it and half out of it on the way home, falling in and out of sleep. I think it was a combination of the food that I know is absolutely terrible for me, and the joys of going out to do something just made me tired. I spent the rest of the evening (we were still home around 9:30 I think?) laying on the couch, not writing, since my mind has been MUSH, and watched “Talladega Nights” on TV while e-mailing a new friend that has come into my life that understands my experience and has a lot of her own stories to tell. 


Later on in the night, I ended up having some sort of crying seizure once again. There is no way of knowing for sure, but since I have had them in the past, and my doctors all seem to agree on them being seizures, I am sure that is what was going on. Crying for no reason, and unable to stop.


 I felt better by having a fun time and taking my mind off of everything, and made some obvious progress, so I don’t know what happened. All I can tell you is that it is scary not knowing why you are doing something, why you can’t stop, as it gives you a feeing you have absolutely no control over yourself. After the crying stopped, it completely wore me out and I had no trouble getting to sleep. 



6 thoughts on “November Part 9 – Lactoferrin and Xylitol Weekend

  1. I’m glad you were able to get out of the house.

    OK, I use ASMR videos to help me fall asleep, and one of them has a woman doing a tutorial on how to put on makeup. She likes Mac. I had never heard of it.

    I wear face moisturizer and lip balm. Very plain jane here…

  2. It so does you good to put make up on – like you I cry and can’t stop myself and if asked why I don’t know! One thing I did notice in your gorgeous photo at the cinema was the fizzy drink!!! You really have to stay strong and cut out ALL junk, No amount of antibiotics or meds will make you better if you don’t cut out sugars & fats/ processed food. I was unable to walk and thought I would be in a wheelchair for ever in January – I read about the detox needed & cut out all the junk and am now walking and swimming daily again but each time I have something other than whole food or water I feel crap and go back to crying and being stuck in bed so achy!! Well worth sacrificing for a better life 😀
    Take Care x

    • I know, I had a moment of weakness. Root beer though is a better choice as it is more natural and at least caffeine free.

      I am gluten free (have been for pretty much years with a few exceptions prior to diagnosis), low dairy, very low sugar, avoid corn products, and am all together a much better eater. I have found home cooked from scratch meals are way better tasting anyways, verses boxed “crap” foods!

      I contribute my getting well to have a huge part in never previously having a Babesia treatment, as well as strengthening my immune system. My organs and pretty much everything was a train wreck. Until I set that straight, I was never going to be able to battle anything!

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