November Part 10 – Waiting on Week 2

Lots of fun on Saturday getting out to dinner and the movies, with the exceptions of feeling like poo, having to poo, and my likely crying seizure at night. 


I woke up only slightly late, since Dave called me to see if I wanted coffee. Pshh. Of course I want coffee. Married for nearly five years and he didn’t know if I wanted a coffee?! 


Right from the get-go, I knew I had overdid it from the day before, or my body was still worn from the night before. Oh well… time to go to work!


Sundays are an ordering day, so I need to enter invoices to make a purchase summary. No, KimmieCakes RARELY deals with phone calls anymore. One wrong move and I will likely be yelling at them, swearing at them…. therefore losing customers. No bueno. So if my Dad isn’t around, the messages go on the machine and he can handle them.


Everything on my Dad’s end was all finished when I got to work, so all I really had to do was enter all the invoices, have him read them off to me to check it, and then print it out so my Dad would know what to order. Done and done. 


I figured it would be a wise decision since I already felt rotten, to do most of Monday’s billing in case the start of week 2 was going to be harsh. I had the feeling it was probably going to be, so at least I wouldn’t be completely behind because of course, the vendors and bills need to get paid! 


Once I finished, I got home and laid down on the couch, trying to get comfortable. My back and legs were sore. I got a headache and I could barely keep my eyes open. Dave made a chicken and vegetable stir fry for me and as soon as I finished dinner I slept. I luckily got up just past 7. You are probably thinking I didn’t sleep that much, but Dave and I are like an old couple and eat dinner at 4, so about 3 hours is a pretty long nap! 


I finally woke up and we watched a movie on TV together about JFK. We like history type movies. Dorks I know. History buffs 😉  I got Dave the  “World at War” series which is about World War 2 for his birthday one year. Over time, have almost finished all of the DVD’s. They are all documentaries, each one is hours long, but we were on a spree of watching them every night when I first got it for him. We will have to get back into it since we only have a few left. Not Lyme related but a little about me. 🙂


My headache went away but my back, legs, and joints were rather unhappy with me. I used a pillow laying on the couch so I would lay upright, instead of slouching to try to make it so the pain didn’t get worse. I need to call Dr S this week. I am hoping *fingers crossed* that he is doing well from his surgery and can crack it! I can feel exactly where it needs to be cracked. I would ask Dave but that probably isn’t a good decision. I’ll wait for Dr S. 🙂


Napping in the afternoon and evening leaves me awake at night, but that is okay by me right now. I am always awake at night. I am tired, but I need to take all the sleep I can at this point. It definitely couldn’t hurt. 


After all, Monday was a big day, the start of a long week ahead. 


6 thoughts on “November Part 10 – Waiting on Week 2

    • Sure! Seizures don’t need to be a “traditional looking seizure”, as there are many types. Some are ones that trigger the emotions, such as laughing or crying (gelastic seizures I believe) and just as it sounds, without a reason, who uncontrollably laugh, or cry.. without any known reason. Same with all seizures once they are through, you are completely wiped out. Maybe I will do a future blog that talks more about the most common types of seizures!

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