November Part 12 – One Day Break

I woke up pretty late on Tuesday, but was jumping for joy in my head since I had NO antibiotics that I had to take. Massage day, shave my legs. Take lots of pills, out the door. I pretty much had to turn right back around once I got to work and knew I would have to go back, but I was glad that I didn’t have a ton to do. Things slow down for us until right before Thanksgiving and Christmas since restaurants will be ordering more fish from us since there is always a ton of holiday parties and families go out for dinner more.  


Therapeutic massage went pretty well. I had a lot of sore spots, but once again my circulation was doing a little better in my legs. 🙂  I always look forward to massage not for the fact that I walk better and it gets a lot of the tightness and pain to go away, but because we get a lot of laughs and talk about everything. Once I was done, I buttoned up things at work and went home…. with an extra coffee in hand I may add. 


After I got home from work, I kind of just sat there, thinking of what I was suppose to do. Another bath to wash my hair, eat dinner. Hmm… nothing sounded appealing to me. I was so tired. I was ready for a nap, but for some reason I just couldn’t take one. I figured it would be best to tackle the eating part, since it was after 4 and I had just realized I hadn’t taken any of my supplements yet since they are suppose to be with food, and I didn’t have anything to eat yet. 


On this medication I am just not hungry. Once I eat I am fine but I don’t really want anything to eat. I need to do small meals and snacks 🙂 I need to do a little better with that one.


After that, I was hesitant to take a bath, because my house was FREEZING. Okay, that is a lie, it was 75, but it felt like it was! It took a little bit but I finally got up and took one, then used the hair dryer and tried to warm myself back up.


On a great note, Dave brought Chance to the vet when he got out of work and he should be okay 🙂 🙂 🙂 Dave is a horrible listener so he couldn’t tell me exactly what the vet said, but it sounds like he has a little infection in his leg, probably from a thorn or stick from playing outside and it caused cellulitis. I am pretty sure that is what it was since I rattled off a few things to Dave as to what it could be.


They shaved him a little bit to make sure his hair didn’t get in the way, but now I can tell he hates it and he gives me Sarah McLaughlin eyes because he doesn’t like his “spot”. Sarah McLaughlin eyes are the eyes that the sad puppies give during the ASPCA commercials and she sings the Angel song. I don’t know what it is called since I don’t listen to her music. But either way, he gets those sad, sad eyes. 


 So Chance and I are both on antibiotics. Pill buddies! At least he hasn’t figured out that there are pills in his little treats that look like pizza slices yet. LOL  But after a few weeks it should go down and drain on it’s own so hopefully it does so he doesn’t have to go back to the vets. 


My legs hurt a lot for the rest of the night, but all in all it wasn’t a terrible day. Having days like these, even though I am not anywhere back to normal, I at least feel like I am getting there. Having some good makes for me to be a lot more positive, which I need for the end of the week, adding Flagyl to the mix! But at least I now know my dog is going to be okay, and that takes a ton of stress off my shoulders. Hopefully it will be an easier ride. 


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