November Part 13 – A Little Loopy with Some Squiggly Lines

It was another day that I had to look at notes on my iPad to remember how the hell my day went. And so I opened my notes on Inkwell and refresh my memory. Speaking of that, I didn’t realize how much my head was a mess until I was revising my blogs.


A lot of the times I write them the night of, occasionally the day after, but since I am posting it within the next few days , I always use the past tense. A little confusing on my part but I gotta go with what I have done. LOL And I can’t change how I write now because KimmieCakes can’t handle change or her mind just might explode. 


It is funny when you don’t even realize you are doing something until the next day and looking at it. Holy squiggly lines and complete dyslexia. My sentences were completely jumbled and I couldn’t understand a single thing I was trying to say.  


You can tell each day how I am doing by my handwriting as well. I always try to write the best I can and legibly at work, but some days looking at my stack of papers, it is a complete mess. 


Oh yeah. I forgot about my day. Wednesday. IV day. Surprise surprise, I showed up to work really late. 


I did payroll and a few other things but ended up compiling a list of things to do. A list of things to do another day..  


Dave’s Mom came over with dinner for us, which was good since I really didn’t feel like doing anything. And once again I hadn’t really eaten anything during the day. 


After I did my Zithro IVs at night, I felt as high as a kite. I was completely loopy and out of it. High in a bad way. Not a happy high… for those of you who would think it wouldn’t be very bad.  My  head kept on snapping back as I couldn’t even sit up with my head upright. 


Okay. Lay down and a Lifetime movie. I couldn’t tell you what I watched. But I do remember watching King of Queens at some point when I was wide awake and couldn’t fall asleep yet, even though my eyes and body told a different story. 


I was stomping around the house to finish getting ready for bed. My balance was completely off and I kept ramming myself into doorways and even caught the left side of my face on the kitchen entryway. Crabwalking. My goal for Thursday? Sleep. ZzzZZz

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