November Part 14 – Lymies and Credit Cards Don’t Mix

I definitely caught up on sleep on Thursday. I got up around noontime. It is my day that I don’t have to work but always end up going there for at least a little bit. 


I spent half the day on the couch, then decided it was time to get ready and try to putz around in the office. I managed to check e-mails for myself and work, and that was about it.  Printed a few work related e-mails. I still had that high feeling. 


Speaking of my high feeling, I realized I bought a bunch of clothes on Wetseal the night before by checking my e-mail. I briefly remember going to their site while watching a Lifetime movie, but I had no idea what I had purchased.


One with Lyme should never have a credit card handy near a computer. All brain fogged and making poor decision, it is not advised. I am glad I didn’t spend a fortune, since I don’t have any money LOL but I am looking forward to seeing what I got! I think I told my friend, but you know what? I can’t even find the e-mail. So it will kind of be like Christmas arriving at my doorstep. 


Richard Horowitz’s new book will be my next purchase for myself. I might give it to my Mom to read first and pick her brain about it, then try to thumb through it myself and we can discuss. She flies through books so at least I know I wouldn’t have a long wait! 


 I haven’t picked up a book in over a year. Unless I can put it in a writing program, double the font and double space, I am lost.


After my pretty much useless trip to work, I went to the salon to visit my best friend who just came back from vacation, and to see if she could sneak me in to trim the back of my hair. It is really short in the back so I have to make sure I don’t get a mullet. 🙂 and she fixed it. because she is the best. And washed my hair. I told her I didn’t need her to but because I knew Friday was probably not going to be an awesome day, I was happy she did, as Friday is usually a hair wash day. If it was rough with just Flagyl, then how the heck was it suppose to be on Friday? Ahhh!!! Not worrying. It is only one day. 


I skipped wing night once again. I just felt like I should be home. I am glad I didn’t because I don’t think I would have faired for too long.   


Nausea set in and I couldn’t tell what it was from, but then realized I had not eaten once again other than a couple gluten free crackers to take my supplements.  I thought it was a nausea from being hungry, so I gorged myself with a homemade green bean casserole, with potato chips on top since the french fried onions have gluten. 


I ate the entire thing. LOL Dave had a lot of “Tubs Magee” type of comments when he got home from wings. He is a brat, but he was glad I ate. I make fun of him back, so it’s all good. 🙂 


And then I realized I felt worse. My plan to eat and fill my stomach to avoid the nausea didn’t work at all! I was even more nauseas and the pain was really setting in. I was emailing my friend and turns out, cream of mushroom has gluten! Well whaddya know. Maybe that is why I felt like dog shit. 


I spent the rest of the night staring at notes on things I want to write about. And I didn’t write a darn thing. TV and outer space. The nausea went away after two Marinols but I could feel horrible pain on the soles of my feet. Classic Bartonella, and my knees hated me. As the night went on, I knew I needed to go to sleep, but i was not looking forward to the day ahead. 


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