November Part 15 – The Postponed Antibiotic Bomb

This is the day that I was least looking forward to. Not necessarily because of how it would make me feel, but because of how this day went, I would know exactly how it would go in three weeks. If that makes sense.

It is like getting your nipples pierced. You get one done. Fuck that hurts. Then you have the other one to look forward to. Fuck. That one is also going to hurt, and I know it’s coming! Sorry for the analogy, but I guess that is my quirky way of explaining it. Whatever, deal with it. Or don’t. Bah!


It was Friday. My plethora of things I don’t find fun. Especially Flagyl. But I was armed with anti-nausea meds and was ready to kick some butt. 


I got up first thing in the morning, ready for battle. I let my dog out, and was getting my IVs ready for the day. Tubing, check. Saline, check. Ummm… where the heck is my Cipro bag? I looked everywhere, starting to get pretty pissed. What happened to it? I could feel the Lyme rage setting in. I called Dave to see what I should do. 


“You didn’t get your delivery yet? They shorted you a Cipro bag, and were going to mail you that and the rest of your protocol’s worth.” 


Yeah. I forgot that one. And Dave did until I mentioned it. And obviously Dr J’s office forgot about it. Shiiittttt… what do I do? what do I do? I e-mailed them to see what I should do, trying not to sound like a crazy irate lunatic in my message because I was beginning to really freak out. Check email, no response. Check email, no response. Damnit! Ok… I am not going to freak out. I took a bath, and finished getting ready for work. Check email. No response. 


AHHHHHH What should I do? Fuck it. I am going to take all my morning antibiotics, other than my missing Cipro IV. So Septra DS, Artimisinin, Mepron, and Flagyl. Flagyl…. all of those fun things and my supplements for the day. Check email before leaving for work, no response. 


I finally got to work, and I bet you can guess what I did. Checked my email. A response! Apologies for forgetting that one bag, and to do all the antibiotics together when I get them, and I could move my Coartem a day or two if needed. 


SHIT! So I just unloaded the bomb of antibiotics to myself for no reason? I was so mad at myself. I was mad at them, I was mad that Dave forgot about it too. I was just mad. 


And I felt horrible for the rest of the day. The stress from the morning left my legs feeling unattached from my body, my spine on fire (I forgot to call Dr S this week of course to help), my lymph starting to swell with toxins, tingling , joint pain,  the fogginess and nausea. 

Other than my peanut butter scoop to take my Mepron, I hadn’t eaten anything all day once again. When Dave got home, I had a very small salad and munched a handful of potato chips. Over the past week I have lost 3 or 4 pounds already. A nice combination of frequent bathroom trips and completely unintentionally starving myself. 

I was trying to get comfortable. I felt nauseas sitting upright so lay down. 


Lifetime movie. I wanted to write but couldn’t even think about it. Two topics I want to write about, all my materials to go over. Nope. Not happening. Sorry readers, Kimmiecakes feels terrible.


Dave left for a few hours , which was perfect so I heard no complaints or two cents about my Lifetime movie. 🙂 As watching my movie, I was about to drift off to sleep but my friend called me. Damnit! LOL so I was wide awake. And then another call for Dave. And another for Dave. Yep… not getting a nap in here. 

I usually would have let the phone ring, but the cordless phone was literally right next to my head on the couch. 


His show came on, “Gold Rush” so I decided to lay down in the bedroom and watch a movie in there. Laying down flat seemed to help a lot. And with my 4 blankets and the fireplace going, I was actually warm and cozy.  The nausea felt better, and I was actually feeling a little hungry. I figured a little bowl of oatmeal would be an okay choice, and I felt fine. Phew.


As it was time to go to bed, I put a big note on the outside of my door “MEDICAL ISSUES, KNOCK LOUD OR HERE IS MY SIGNITURE” for my package I was going to be looking for from Dr. J’s office. I was given the time frame between “early in the morning to 3 a.m.  I was very much hoping it was going to be on the earlier end. Sign for it at 8 and back to bed. As long as it wasn’t 3 in the afternoon. Ugh. 


Now here is the catch. Over the day, I got a small taste of the bomb and it was not a good day for Kimmiecakes. Now I have that taste and will be adding my two IVs to that mix. Lord help me. 


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