Things I WILL Do When I Get Better

Notice how I titled this WILL, not IF. I needed to think of some positive things to think of tonight. Although it may be rough now, looking toward the future always puts a smile on my face. I know that I will win the fight and be able to cross these off my list!

I bet all of those who are facing something similar can benefit from thinking of the finish line. Maybe it will put a smile on your face too. What are you going to do when you get better? 🙂

– I will sing and dance again. I loved going out for karaoke and love love love to dance! Am I any good at it? Not really. But I sure do have fun!

– I will go to Hawaii. Dave and I canceled our trip that we had planned last winter. The same week that we were going to go, I had spent quite a bit of it in the hospital, between an ER visit, blood work, PICC line dressing change, and gallbladder surgery. Would have preferred the Hawaii trip! No money next year, but maybe the following year?!

– Along with my Hawaii trip, I will go shark diving and learn how to surf. Preferably not at the same time of course, but would be the highlights of vacation!

– I will hunting course even though I would probably never use it as I don’t think I could ever hurt anything. Other than spiders.

– I will my motorcycle license. Another thing I would probably never use but want to prove to myself that I can.

– I will a manatee in person. (Love those cute sea hippos! ) 🙂

– Since I think I would chicken out on skydiving, I will try zip lining!

– I will go to Europe. Haven’t decided on where, I am kind of thinking Italy!

– Dave and I WILL take a random weekend trip. We want to go to the airport and just pick a flight. No plans, no hotel reservations… just somewhere we have never been!

– I will Dave the happiest guy he can be. He has been great through this and I think he deserves a medal for taking care of and putting up with me for this long without complaint or resentment.

– I will be an advocate for this disease in any way I can.


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