Friday, November 19th, 2004

This day means more to me than my wedding anniversary. It is the day that I MADE… yes MADE my now husband, Dave ask me out.

I say this day was more important than our wedding day for several reasons. One was that without this Friday evening in 2004, there would be no wedding day. There would be no “us”. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t met Dave and had a different path in life, and then I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like without him.

This day means more because I did not have a big wedding, nor did I have the chance to have everyone I love there for many personal reasons.

I keep saying that we will have a party (next month will be our 6 year wedding anniversary so I might be a little behind), in hopes that maybe we can finally get a chance to celebrate ourselves, and hopefully also celebrate good health.

We sat in his Neon at the municipal parking lot in our tiny town that was our groups “hang out spot”. I should say, his “COOL” Neon, with turbo boost and a DVD player. Pretty high tech stuff for 2004! 😉

I was scared. I was a 17 years old high school senior, and he was 21, all done his schooling. Even though he wasn’t all that different in age, it seemed like a world of a difference. He had started experiencing the world and I had not even begun mine.

All I knew from middle school until my senior year of high school was one relationship, my high school sweetheart, and it ended not too far from the time I started seeing Dave.

With Dave, I didn’t know what a relationship would be like. I was young. I only had my high school sweetheart to go by. What was I suppose to do? What was I suppose to act like? I wasn’t too sure. But with Dave, it seemed like I could be “me”.  He kissed me the last time I saw him so I needed to know what I was to him. I wanted to take that chance. I wanted to be his girlfriend.

And so he  asked me out. And I said yes, of course, because I made him. “What are we? Do you want to be my boyfriend? You have to ask me out, that is how it works!” :). I am rather bossy if you know me in person. My way or the highway. I am ALWAYS right. Anywho, on that evening, we became “us”.

It was a perfect evening, hanging out in my little town’s municipal parking lot. Simple yet perfect. After becoming his official girlfriend, I had to make it home for my 10 p.m. curfew, and on the way home I could not stop smiling. I felt the butterflies. 🙂 🙂

We meshed very well and began our relationship with a friendship, built our trust, and then eventually fell in love.

I am not one of those “everything happen’s for a reason” sort of people, since I believe that everyone can create their own destiny by their own actions, at least to a certain extent, but I somehow believe there was a reason that we met.

And today, I know I couldn’t have picked a better guy. There is just no way.

When my life changed forever in September 2012, he stayed by my side. Always helping and handling everything while I had my seizures. He never treated me differently when I developed my verbal and physical tics, stuttering, and my body rocking. He helped me when I couldn’t even bathe myself. Pushed me around in my wheelchair.

He took over all the household duties. He takes time off of work so I can see one of the world’s leading Lyme specialists in DC. He has seen me at my very worst, sometimes terrified because he didn’t know how to help me or what to do. He has been my voice and advocate throughout this process.

All of this without an ounce of resentment. Asking what he can do to make it better.  Living this experience with me all with love.

Friday, November 19th, 2004, changed my life for the better. Being sick has surely tested us, but we are strong, and it did not break us. And it will not break us. Happy REAL anniversary, babe. 😉


8 thoughts on “Friday, November 19th, 2004

  1. Awwww Kim I am so happy that you have a wonderful hubby that has been there through thick and thin. I always joke with Jeff and ask him if he regrets the “In sickness and health”. Happy Anniversary 🙂

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