November Part 16 – Waiting for the FedEx Guy

As soon as I woke up on Saturday, I had that fun hungover feeling once again. I immediately took a Marinol to combat the nausea, even though it was a non- antibiotic day. I was still hurting  badly from the previous day’s Flagyl. 


Instead of just getting ready, I was told by Dr J’s office that I would be getting my package of IV meds in the morning or by 3 p.m. and it would need to be signed for. A pain in my ass. It is one of those things as soon as you hop in the tub or start to wash your hair you are going to get a knock at the door. 


I did sleep in, without a knock on the door. So I just sat there in my pajamas, played around on the computer, covered in blankets, all the while making frequent trips to the bathroom. 


Having tummy issues in the #2 department didn’t really help wondering if the FedEx guy was going to show up. Flagyl weight loss plan! Ugh. At least there was no knock on the door during my fun morning of detoxing. I am sure many of you Lymies can relate. 🙂


At around 1:30 I got my package! And guess what? I DIDN’T have to sign for it! God damnit! 


Oh well, it is not like I am the most adventurous person in the world. I still would have wanted to get up and got a coffee. Half glass full, at least it wasn’t AFTER 3 that I was still sitting in my pajamas! 


I finally got ready and went to work for a little bit. I really didn’t have a whole lot to do since it was just getting ready to have Sunday off. Basically, my task was to just set it up so the driver (he works in the office one day a month, so I can have a Sunday off) doesn’t have to do a whole lot. 


By the time I got done work, the nausea got a lot better, but the ahem.. other issues didn’t go away. I decided to do a lactated ringer once I got home, as I feel like I have had a lot of toxins in the past few days and couldn’t do a ringer the two days before because I was taking antibiotics. 


Now.. I hate to wheel my lactated ringer around but about halfway through the bag was an oh my god I gotta go… NOW moment. So I wheeled my butterfly rainbow and unicorns pole into the bathroom, do what I have to, wash my hands, then wheel myself back to the couch. 


I go to sit on the couch and TUG!  I got tangled up in my line and pulled it from my chest. Hard. I certainly knew it! But after thoroughly checking it over and over, it didn’t actually pull out any. Thank you stat lock! That could have been pretty bad. 


Dave and I went over to the “Make a Wish” couple’s for dinner… taco night! Dave’s favorite 🙂  I was a little worried about my tummy issues but I made it through the night!  Woohoo!!… for everyone’s sake! 


While the boys talked mud trucks and other guy things outside, S. and I chatted inside, drank tea, and laid in bed watching a TLC show about emergency room stories. Couldn’t tell you what it’s called though! It was perfect for me though, even though after awhile of conversation I began to stutter and blew a fuse in my brain. 


It was a first in almost a few months for me. I got home, got changed into jammies and brushed my teeth, then went to bed. Bed. Not couch for once. Not 2 a.m. I watched TV for a little bit and went to bed. I needed the extra sleep. I knew that Sunday would be a big day. The day of my postponed antibiotic bomb.

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