November Part 17 – The Postponed Antibiotic Bomb Day

Sunday was the postponed day of all my “goodies”. Starting out with my IV Cipro, then my orals: Septra DS, Artimisinin, Mepron, and Flagyl. Flagggyyylllll… I took an anti-nausea pill before I started tackling my day’s quest and I was glad I did. Queasy. I was pretty loopy from the get-go, and hoping my day would get better awhile after I took my meds.

It was a yucky rainy day out, so Dave spent most of the day running errands and helping around the house. When Dave left to go to the grocery store in the early afternoon, I felt the least I could do was vacuum before I went to take a bath. Dave tried convincing me to just stay in my pajamas because I felt so yucky but I decided to get ready. He was spending the day inside, I figured I could at least be a wife without bed head and a little on the stinky side.

After I got ready, I went to get a coffee at the store and came home and didn’t do much for the rest of the day. Our friends stopped by (make a wish couple), and while the boys hung out, us ladies hung out in the kitchen. It was perfect timing since I was about to get ready to put a chicken in the oven and was kind of clueless as to how to go about setting it up and nearly cutting myself with the knife to open up the chicken plastic. Glad she intervened there….and the fact I was going to put the big in the pan upside down. Whoops!

We sat and chatted and she asked if I had always had a facial tic or if she had just never noticed it. Nope! LOL The meds were kicking my butt more than I thought. Our friends stayed for awhile but headed out to start cooking their own dinner. Not long after they left, Dave helped prep the following day’s stuff for our crockpot as we were going to make chicken, rice and veggie soup.

Then the bomb finally really came out. BaBaBaBa! *Thriller dance* Ahhh!. No claps though. I guess I wasn’t too excited that day.

Ugh. Someday I will really know I am better when I really don’t have any more tics at all. They may have calmed down a lot, but when they are there, they are there.

Dave and I sat in the kitchen and he told me how noisy I was the night before. He said that I had woken him up swearing in my sleep, “God fucking damnit!”. And then proceeded to yell about getting something done. Apparently I was yelling so loud that I absolutely terrified the dog and he ran into the other room. Poor baby. I didn’t wake up through any of this. Yelling, nightmares, night terrors, and sleepwalking have always been a part of my life, but if I remember right, oral Cipro brought this back to me.

I ate dinner and by then, it was time for me to start it all over again. I had a scoop of peanut butter and took my Mepron first. Ughhhh sooo nauseous! Marinol. Ok.. doing nothing… another Marinol it is. I started my Zithro IV since that one takes forever to do, but figured I would hold off on everything else. When I was setting everything up, I told Dave he might want to get me a bag.

Yup. I knew I needed the bag. Not too far into my IVs, dry heave, dry heave.. barf. And I hadn’t even taken all of my orals yet. This type sucked because usually you find immediate relief when you throw up. This didn’t. Fortunately, as the night went on, I didn’t get sick again.

Once I was done my IV, I decided to wait a while before tackling the rest of my meds.

After I finished my Zithro, I felt even loopier and was ticking again. I could not feel my feet. At all. I knew I had to finish them all sometime, so I decided after a bit I might as well finish the rest of my antibiotics to get it over with. Another Marinol and I finished the rest of them all.

Day done.

I will see you again in three weeks, protocol.

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