November Part 18 – Waiting for Coartem

Monday wasn’t a terrible day for me! 🙂 Exhausted, sore, and cold fingers and toes but no nausea. Completely tolerable. Pain is nothing new and for the most part I can “mute” it out.  It was dressing change day and I was anxious to see what it would look like…. and it certainly looked better! The Nasonex spray seems to be doing a good job at keeping my skin less irritated. Glad to hear and see that there were some improvements!


Once I got home, I decided to go to the mailbox as I still had energy and I was going to use it ( I usually make Dave grab the mail)!  There was a “Dr. J. Press Release” in the mail. It wasn’t very revealing, so I felt a bit disappointed. I was hoping I would know what the game plan was for the next protocol and hoping there would be a guess as to how much longer I would have my line in. Wishful thinking. *Sigh* 


The following day was my second day herx. The combination of antibiotics over the weekend, specifically Flagyl, always kicks my butt two days after.  It was a rough day right from the start. I felt nauseas first thing in the morning and had a horrible headache. While trying to get ready for work, I had to keep going to take breaks and sit down for awhile as it was making me pretty light-headed. I didn’t get up ridiculously late like I usually do, but trying to get cleaned up was a task in it’s own. 


Once I got to work, I was in a snappy Lyme rage at my Dad and at a customer. Well… not to the customer but about the customer, as they kept skipping an invoice and trying to explain a roadmap about how the customer paid things out of order was near impossible for me. I could explain it in my head, but verbalize it was a lot harder than I thought. Luckily, I had a break as it was massage day. 


My body was feeling the past week of treatment. Just about everything was out of whack. My legs and feet, which is no big surprise, but my neck, back, and hips were also a disaster. She did some cranial sacral work and I could feel the tenseness from the morning’s headache. Once I was finished, I had to button things up at work, even though at that point I just wanted to take a nap and it was hard to even keep my eyes open. 


I got home and tried my new patches that came in the mail to take a shower and they worked! Yayyy! 🙂 🙂 I can’t use them all the time because they are very expensive, but I at least got to have a feeling of normalcy. It was a good feeling to stand in the shower and feel the warmth and really wash my hair. They will be my “after massage” treat. 


It was Dave and I’s anniversary of the day we started dating, and we didn’t do a thing to celebrate, but I was okay with that. I think the real celebration was in my head that I have a terrific guy that hasn’t run for the hills. I am so lucky I have him!


 It was a cold night, reminding me that I am not looking forward to this winter at all. I was very sick last year, so I don’t think it effected me like it will this year. I think last year I just didn’t notice because I was literally slowly falling apart, layer by layer and completely crashed. A year later, I have made significant improvements, although I have a ways to go, and I think by NOT feeling as bad I can actually feel the effects of the cold. Maybe next time I go see Dr J I can have a better estimate as to when my line can come out, so I can plan a trip somewhere warm. Ocean and warmth. 🙂


It was a night of rest. I couldn’t get the nap in that I really wanted to, but it was good to just sit there with my husband, watch tv, and relax. The next day I would be starting Coartem. Coartem is a 3 day anti-malarial that Dr. J uses to see if Babesia is still an issue, all the while attacking it. If you feel terrible, still an issue. Feel okay, not so much an issue.


A test to my Babesia progress. Let’s hope I pass 😉

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