November Part 19 – The Start of Coartem

It was a rough start of the day to begin with. I woke up feeling dizzy and like I hadn’t gone to bed at all. I actually did wake up when my alarm initially went off, however, I just kept hitting the snooze button over and over and over again. 


I drove halfway to work in the morning and then realized I forgot to go to the bank for money for gas and toll money for the drivers, so I had to do a long loop to head back to the bank. Darnit! It was a long ride too.. windows down, windows up, heat off, heat blasting… not a good start to the day I was going to start the test to see if Babesia is still an issue! LOL I was still keeping optimistic though :). 


Once I got to work, I had a quick bite to eat so I could take my 4 Coartem pills and did what I needed to do at work so I could head home as soon as possible. As soon as I got home, I remembered my mother-in-law was coming over so I knew I needed to buck up and get some cleaning done so my house didn’t look like a complete disaster. 


After cleaning up the house, I wanted nothing more than to take a nap, but knew there was no way I could just take a one-hour nap before she got there. It would have been a LONNNG nap. So I stayed awake.


She brought over dinner for us and kept it a short visit. It probably didn’t help that I wasn’t very talkative or my usual ray of sunshine self 🙂 It was probably for the best though. After dinner and  I felt even more terrible. Nausea, pain, a horrible headache and even further exhaustion. I laid on the couch hoping to get that nap in that I wanted to take earlier but could not get to sleep. So TV time it was.


Night time came and I needed to take my other 4 Coartem pills with food. I had some leftovers to eat and felt like I was completely force feeding myself. I walked back into the kitchen to reheat my food and tripped on the carpet, not falling, but enough that I could certainly feel like pain in my knees from tripping. 


I immediately started bawling and set myself into a panic attack. I hate days like I was having. It made it worse because Dave got a laugh at me from tripping. It wasn’t him laughing that set me off but it triggered all the feelings inside of me.


It took awhile but I finally calmed down. I wanted to go to bed so badly when Dave did, but found myself awake once again. Before I closed the bedroom door after tucking him in goodnight, he said to me not in a routine way but in all sincerity, “I love you. I hope you feel better”. 


Me too.

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