November Part 20 – Day Two of Coartem.. What is that SMELL?

 I woke up on Thursday not looking forward to taking my next dose of Coartem. I felt hungover when I got up but managed to get ready and head into work to do a few things and then had to head to my gynecologist office to get my Depo Provera shot. 


Ovulation suppressing birth control is a great option for women with Lyme disease. Herx reactions tend to be worse during ovulation and in my case, like many others, I had a lot of ovarian cysts and had horrible cramps when I had my period. Now.. no more! I started the shot in May and haven’t gotten a real period since. I am okay with that! And I don’t have the cramping or herx reactions worsened during ovulation. Winning.


The shot doesn’t bother me, other than it making my arm really sore for the rest of the day, unlike other shots, it was the drive there that I wasn’t looking forward to. I haven’t driven very much since my diagnosis in 2012, and it was a longer ride than my short drive to work. I made the drive alright, without any issues which was a good feeling. I just don’t like to push it too far especially with driving, as it isn’t just about me, it is about others on the road. 


I stayed awhile as my normal OBGYN had been gone and the last time I saw her was in fall of last year when I was starting to get really sick. She is such a sweet lady. After I saw her back then she called me a few weeks later to check in on me, and said if there was anything she could do she would help and sent her well wishes. I hadn’t seen or spoke with her since. 


She wanted to hear my story when I got there and she was amazed at what I have gone through, that I was still working, and that I have made the decision that was right for me to travel and see Dr. J. She admitted to knowing nothing about Lyme, but it made me feel good that not ALL doctors are assholes when they don’t know about a disease and cared enough to want to know more. 


After the adventures of the day, I decided it would be best to have another skip on the Thursday night wings. I was wiped out, The Coartem was taking it’s toll on me. I had to force feed myself again as this new antibiotic has made me lose my appetite, and those of you who know me in person know I can stuff my face 😉 I’m not shy. Not advised though for your health and figure…


This was an odd thing. It has happened to me before but not to this extent. EVERYTHING smelled rancid. Why does the bathroom stink? It shouldn’t stink? Do I have B.O.  ? (probably a yes on this one haha). Something stinks. The trash in the other room stinks. What did my dog roll in? GROSS! I decided to make an omelet for dinner with veggies and put the eggs and veggies into a plastic cup to mix it. OH MY GOD! IT SMELLS SO SPOILED!  * Gags a few times*   


Then the smoke alarm went off because I forgot I turned it on and put a little olive oil in the pan and it was just about on fire. LOL Beep beep beep! Shut up you god damn stupid alarm! Dave came into the kitchen to obviously check on me and I lost it. Another Kimmiecakes temper tantrum. I started yelling at Dave about everything in the house smelling, the eggs he just bought were spoiled, and then I proceeded to put the eggs and cup into a bag so it wouldn’t further stink up my stinky disgusting house. 


Dave addressed the smoke alarm and turned off the pan while I was having bitchfest 2013 at him for everything smelling. He then told me to go lay down. And so I did.


He disappeared for awhile (I would have to to avoid the wrath of Kimmie), and as I was laying ddown, holding back my tears, he came out of the kitchen and came back with an omelet. He said he checked them, and they were fine. That it was me. In the back of my mind I knew this to be true, but I just didn’t want to grasp that reality as I knew I was being completely ridiculous in the kitchen. 


Okay.. the omelet didn’t smell. I still didn’t want to eat but knew I had to in order to take my nighttime dose of Coartem. 


The rest of the night was spent watching Grey’s, and had horrible swelling in my lymph nodes and pain. Everything was sore except for my feet that I lost all feeling of. No writing for me on Thursday. My mind was completely foggy and so I decided it was best to quit while I was ahead as I didn’t really feel like editing on Friday a bunch of squiggly lines and what appears to be a foreign language. 


I thought to myself… tomorrow is Friday.. the last day of Coartem. YES!

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