November Part 21 – Last Day of Coartem

Friday wasn’t any better. Boo.  I felt like a bus had hit me when I went to work in the morning, so needless to day I was pretty excited it was the last day taking my new nemesis, Coartem. This month seems to be the month of the headaches! 


During the worst parts of treatment before, I would get headaches, but not as frequently as this past protocol. Yup. I had a hangover minus the super fun night of drinking and dancing I use to do in my healthy days. 


I got really upset and emotional at work and it was a long day all in all. Even though I am still able to work part-time doesn’t make it easy. My patience is lacking and I get frustrated very easily. And it makes me completely overwhelmed. 


When I got home I texted Dave since I hadn’t really eaten anything and asked him to pick up Chinese food. I was hoping that one of my favorites would be more enticing. I didn’t stuff my face like I usually do, but I think it helped with some of the nausea eating a little more of a meal, even though it isn’t really the healthiest or nutritious food for you. 


On a good note to those of you following me, I got my mysterious Wetseal package! Lots of cute stuff. I think my favorite was an olive green leopard print scarf. Or the knee high boots. 🙂 Yeah.. don’t have a credit card near you with Lyme brain and in a complete space cadet mood. You will buy things. And not remember. Lesson learned.. but at least I know I still have good taste when I am in such a fog! 


The rest of the evening was spent watching a few JFK specials because we are dorks and love our documentaries. 🙂 I was drained. Emotionally and physically, so I welcomed the relax time with Dave. My feet were giving me troubles again, and my neck an lymph nodes really hurt. I knew the following day was a detox day. That would be a must. As I sat on the couch I started ticking really bad again. *Thriller dance* AHHHH* 


 I had the last of my pills with a little more food (Chinese certainly makes awesome leftovers!) and was jumping for joy inside that my first Coartem challenge was done. I didn’t stay up all night per usual, and I didn’t even need a sleep aide to help get me to bed. 


The past few days were devastating to me, as this was the “challenge” that Dr J gives to see if Babesia is still an issue and I failed miserably. 


I was emailing to my friend about this, and she reminded me that I have made a lot of progress, and that I am getting this out NOW instead of having this creep up on me and pull me out of remission in the future. Which would be entirely more devastating to me. 


And she was right. It was a rough few days and I will be repeating this protocol in a few weeks. Hopefully it will be a lot easier. and I think it will. 


It’s not the end of an IV protocol but here is my happy excited face. Well… as much as I could be 🙂  With a hint of right eye ptosis. 😉


2 thoughts on “November Part 21 – Last Day of Coartem

  1. Hi Kimmie –

    I am on my last day of Coartem today myself as prescribed by Dr. J. This is my second round of the Coartem and I will say it is a bit easier. Not great but not as bad as the first round. So take heart it does get a bit better. Although I am not sure what comes next. Up to DC on Dec 17 to find out. Good luck with the next round!

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