November Part 24 – Bye Bye Blue Skies

 I was all thrown off rhythm with my work schedule for the day. It was the day before Thanksgiving and everything was switched around for the week because of the holiday. Delivery days, ordering days…  also the fact that Dave’s massage appointment was later in the evening made me feel like it was a Friday. On the plus side, I didn’t have a lot that needed to get done so I could focus on my end of the year reports that I had been procrastinating about. 


It was one of those days that I couldn’t just get up and going. Where the hell is my skinny jeans? Is it hot or cold out? Eh, it’s raining, so I will really want a hoodie. No, the hoodie looks stupid with my scarf. But I really want to wear my scarf!


Yup.. I was being a girl. While digging through my hampers of clean, unfolded laundry in my laundry room, my lovely cat decided to piss on the floor next to me since she knocked half the little out of her box. God damnit! Yeah… not cleaning that. And I didn’t. I was secretly hoping it wouldn’t be there when I got home later, or that I would forget about it and Dave would see it and I could act all surprised and make him clean it. 


I took my morning Marinol and Cipro IV that seemed to take forever. I then took the rest of my morning antibiotics and supplements. By the time I went to the store to get my coffee, I felt as high as a kite. My lymph nodes were swollen as I was overloaded with toxins, and everything was sore. I had to sit in my car for awhile at the gas station before I made the rest of the drive to work. 


As I sat at work, it took awhile to get focus. I felt completely out of it and unable to comprehend anything on paper. My eyes were beginning to blur and paranoia began to set in that I overdosed on my Gabapentin.


I knew this didn’t happen as I have a routine for my neurological medications and supplements and it just couldn’t have been possible. But the thought was stuck there in my crazy Lyme riddled brain and it became an obsessive-compulsive paranoia that began to make me panic. AHHH! What’s the game plan? Should I call for 911? Fuck that shit, that’s too expensive! Hope for the best? Yeah.. I am going to hope for the best.. I just want to get this work done and go home…


And I finally finished everything. As bad as I felt, I accomplished every single report that was on my desk, even though they weren’t due until the end of the year. I felt like I was on top of the world.. early is always better!


I got home a little before Dave. You want to know what? That cat piss was still there. LOL Gloves and bleach. Fun times. As soon as Dave came home he was whining because I forgot to pull something out of the freezer before I left in the morning. He pulled out potato chips from our snack drawer and was eating them with salsa for dinner, and all I could think was that  he had been working his butt off in the rain all day, and now he is eating chips. I also had another small coffee I had brought home and neglected to bring him one. Bad wife. 


It motivated me to get off the couch and make a good dinner. Gluten free pasta with spinach in a homemade garlic cheddar sauce. So I get a few brownie points, right?


He had me give him a haircut before he went off to his massage appointment, and he laughed at my obviously lacking hairstylist abilities at the moment. He said, “Sometimes it is just worth spending the extra money to get your hair cut!”. Perhaps Dave, perhaps. But would a hairdresser leave a message to our massage therapist in your back? I think not! Pure talent. 🙂


While Dave was gone, I decided to get started on my Zithro IVs. I felt a wave come over me within the first few minutes and I was once again completely out of it. My feet were numb, my hands shaky. Everything hurt, even my fingertips. By the time I had finished my drips, Dave had already gotten his massage and had come home. 


He was planning on going Black Friday shopping as he wanted to browse Sears for tools for himself and whatever good gifts he could find for everyone on our list. I felt kind of bad making him go shopping, as this would be his second Black Friday trip and I haven’t gone with him either time, but I knew I would not be up for crowds or be able to walk around or stand that long. 


While trying to explain things on my list that I found of the website to Dave, there was constant stuttering and tics. Babbabababababa!!!! *Thriller dance*. Ugh.


I decided to take it easy for the rest of the night. I was a little sad that I lost a glimpse of my blue skies, but knew tomorrow was another day. And just maybe, there would be even more blue skies. 🙂 Rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns… or something like that. 🙂


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