November Part 26 – Rip Goes the Tegaderm..

Over the weekend, I had no antibiotics to take except my Lactoferrin and Xylitol biofilm busters! I was pretty happy about this. I slept in, which isn’t a surprise, but am taking advantage of getting the extra sleep. Unfortunately, even with the extra sleep, I woke up feeling unrested and had the joy of having numbness in my right foot. I figured the ride to work would have been a little too interesting so I relaxed at the house for while and luckily it improved some.


I had pretty bad night sweats so I decided to splurge and use one of my special bandages and take a shower. Even though it is wonderful to take a shower, it isn’t the same having to still avoid getting your chest wet and sticky tape on your neck. God I miss a regular shower. But this is great at the moment. 


The morning was spent mostly ahem….. releasing toxins. Seems common when I am not doing the antibiotics. Okay, well, when I am on them too this month. After the numb foot and a few trips to the bathroom, I finally got to work and prepared everything for the following day of processing orders.


Dave surprised me and took me to see “Catching Fire”. I thought it was a lot better than the first movie! We loved it.  We got home early and although exhausted, I couldn’t go to bed. We stayed up for awhile and I had my stuttering tic and was forgetting my train of thought with everything I was trying to say. Maybe I was just over tired. At least I didn’t tic at the theatre!  🙂


I felt like a zombie waking up on Sunday morning. Even though I am doing something as simple as going to a movie, it completely wipes me out. But it is entirely worth it to me.  I wanted to stay in bed but I had to get my butt up and go to work. I was having chest and back pain when I got up. I don’t think it’s actually chest pain but I think it’s neuropathy much like the feeling with my stomach and back before. 


I did some of Mondays work as well, a day I pay my vendors because it is dressing change day, IV day, and let’s face it, I always run late anyways. Too much going on for one day. 


When I got home from work, Dave had gotten the Christmas decorations from up in our attic. I helped Dave do the decorating by providing moral support on the couch. It was sad looking tree, fake and bald, but the end result once decorated wasn’t too bad 🙂 He did a good job! It made me a tiny bit more in the Christmas spirit. 


The afternoon and evening were spent doing a lactated ringer and watching movies. My friend ,A. stopped by and we had a chance to catch up as I hadn’t seen her in awhile. I noticed awhile after her visit that I had ripped my tegaderm and had no idea how long it’s been exposed. Fuck, fuck!   I ended up throwing the trash can in bathroom in a rage, freaking out the dog out and Dave. I used up my little  tegaderms  that G. gave me to cover it up.  Oy.


Once I got it all patched up, I felt light headed and had rubbery sea legs from the frustrations, so just wanted to rest. Dave felt my head as his first thought was infection could come but luckily it didn’t feel hot. He kept offering to take me to the hospital because he was worried but at that point I didn’t want to get up from the couch.  


I watched “Inglorious Basterds” and tried to relax. For the rest of the night , I ran my fingers over my newly patched up tegadaderm. Worrying. Thank god Monday was dressing change day. 

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