December Part 2 – Foot in Mouth


 It was Tuesday. Massage day! I only woke up because Dave called me wanting to cancel his massage appointment so he wanted me to relay the message to Gayle. I asked why he wanted to cancel, and he said, “umm… that is our wedding anniversary.” Oh! Well in that case then! I am glad he remembered because I sure as shit didn’t! 


 It was another late night for me. I woke up exhausted, and a little worried because the bottom of my feet really hurt. A tell-tale sign of a Bartonella flair. Thank goodness I am on Cipro! Hopefully that will kill those buggers! 


I always wonder what it is like going on in my body when all these bugs are being killed off. Are they like lobsters cooking in a pot, making that screaming noise once you put them in the boiling water? I kind of envision them to be this way.  🙂


My circulation was a lot better this week. The Coartem challenge had really done a doozy on me the previous week that I went in for my massage. After my massage, I am usually really tired, but this time I had more energy. I took advantage of this, although I know I am suppose to take it easy, and decided to vacuum, as my floor literally had tumbleweeds of pet hair drifting across my wooden floors. Gross. After finishing a little cleaning, I got cracking on dinner. Turkey Sausage, salad, and baked broccoli. Delicious! 


After my housewife duties, I was pooped. I lost all my steam for the day. I played around online and ordered Dave a present for our anniversary since he reminded me of it in the morning. We don’t do gifts but I felt like I would be good to him as he has been so good to me. 


Now this is ridiculous, but he kept showing me this picture on Amazon of a shifter knob for his mud truck. “This would be SO COOL in my truck!” What was on the shifter knob? A naked chick. Yup. A naked chick. So what do you think I ordered him for our anniversary? LOL 


I spent the rest of the night writing away, and actually went to bed early! By early I mean after midnight, but not after 2 in the morning so I was pretty pleased that I was able to get to bed before the wee hours of the morning. I HAD to be at work at a reasonable time the following day. It was my IV day, and being on time was necessary because my helper is on vacation this week so I have to process the orders before 11. To those of you that can have a normal job, that may sound late, but in my Lymie time, that is early to be finished work for the day! 


I got up on time! Yay! I wanted to hit snooze on my alarm or turn it off, but I forced myself out of bed. Gold star, Kimmiecakes! 


After I got done the orders, and did payroll for the end of the week, I had all sorts of errands to run. The bank drive thru, drop the mail off in the slot, give my insurance agent a note since I need new insurance as I was canceled, and she is setting everything up for a new plan for me.  THEN, I had to head to the pharmacy to order my Coartem for next week as it has to be special ordered. That is a lot for me to do in one afternoon. 


I was and am still so embarrassed for what was to come at the pharmacy. Lyme Rage and Lyme brain don’t mix. 


I must have told the pharmacists some random prescription that I don’t even have… I just couldn’t think of the word “Coartem”, and of course they said it wasn’t on the file. WHAT? I was told to bring the bottle in and get another refill. Or call Dr. J’s office get a prescription called in. But this was a pressing matter! Special order.. need for Monday!  They thought perhaps it was put under someone else’s name by mistake as they couldn’t find it in their system.




I proceeded to tell them that I got this filled a few weeks ago! “I don’t know where my pill bottle is!!!! I need this special order by Monday!”. God damnit! 




Yes. I may or may not have been a bit dramatic. You can be the judge of that one. LOL


Sure enough, I had the pill bottle in my car. They said yep, we have that… so I clearly told them some random prescription name. The correct prescription name I was looking for was “COARTEM”. Yup. Now that I think of it I may have said “COUMADIN”? 


I was still mad and felt completely stupid so I gave a half hearted apology like it was their fault that I am an idiot. 


Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal, although yelling at them really isn’t okay… but they know me by name! Ugh. It’s not like they would ever remember this mug when I walk through the door again. Sometimes I am there twice a week. And they are super nice and patient with me. *sigh* Foot in mouth.


I told Dave about my little “incident” and he laughed hysterically at me. I felt so terrible that I acted like a lunatic and told him I wanted to apologize, but he reassured me, “They see how many prescriptions you get… I think they know that you are a little.. off”. Thanks babe! 


When I first turned on the television, I saw that the TV guide wasn’t working.  NOooooOOOO! I listen to that channel for hours! What am I suppose to do??!! It is my hours on end entertainment. The music soothes my Lyme riddled brain. Luckily, the cable company just needed us to reprogram our TV, which Dave had to do for me, also while laughing at me because he knew I wouldn’t know what to do to occupy my time. 


I finished off the night with my Zithro IV and my other round of pills. I was very pleased that I could feel my feet this time around! Hoorayyyyy! I had horrible chest pains for the rest of the night, stemming from my back, but no breathing issues. I think my neuropathy in my spine was acting up again. I was looking forward to seeing Dr. S. the following day for a few laughs, and a very much needed adjustment. 🙂 


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4 thoughts on “December Part 2 – Foot in Mouth

  1. Yup, there are people that work at the CVS pharmacy that I should have invited to Thanksgiving, they are better than family. Between the 3 of us I’m there 3-4 times a week. Somehow I just can’t get my shit together to go there once. Just never works.

  2. I’m glad to see there’s someone else in the world who has late sleep and rise cycle. It’s a rare occasion for me to be out of bed by 11 am, and so I completely relate! Stupid Lyme.

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