December Part 5 – Lazybones

Two days with no antibiotics! Because of my late evening nap, it was another day that I was wide awake past 4 in the morning. Dave brought me coffee in the morning, but still in bed, I didn’t get to have it until hours later. Dunkin Donuts does not taste the same after you reheat it 😦 Even though I wasted half the day, I still wish I could have stayed in bed just a little bit longer.


I had a few errands to run, but I made it really easy for myself by sleeping in until the bank and post office were closed. I was happy that I wasn’t nauseas in the morning, but was still having a hard time getting ready. Overheating, chest beating rapidly, I kept having to sit down and take breaks. 


Work was good. There were a lot of notes on my desk so I immediately got frustrated, but I kept cool, didn’t have a crazy Lyme ragey moment, and just did my work. 


Dave and I went out to dinner with the “make a wish couple” that evening. I limit myself to red meat but had a free for all. The giant 16 oz steak that I consumed was finding the right spot in my belly, so Dave laid on the couch with me, and we watched Christmas shows on TLC. Lots of piggy comments came from him and a full acknowledgement that I had a full appetite again! hahaha


After he went to bed, I found myself feeling sore, and like I wore an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Wide awake, I stayed up and watched reruns on TV Land.  I was excited that I had Sunday off from work. If you read my blogs and know me, although I don’t work very many hours, I work everyday. So it is a treat to have a weekend day off. I was hoping that I wouldn’t be pooped from the dinner and would be able to do something with Dave. 


Did I end up doing anything with Dave on Sunday, that would be a big fat negative. LOL I slept in until noon, and sat on my couch until around 2 in the afternoon. Very uneventful. I wanted to wear my pajamas all day, but between the bed head, and the night sweats, I finally got off the couch, did a tiny bit of cleaning, to feel like I was somewhat productive for the day, and took my half bath.


By the time I was all ready for the day, it was time to make dinner! Taco night is Dave’s favorite, so I felt like it kind of made up for me doing absolutely nothing with him during my Sunday off. 


My friend, A. stopped by for a little bit, then Dave and I watched the new Bonnie and Clyde movie on TV. So I guess I did get to spend some time with him! It was overall a relaxing weekend, which is just what I needed. Monday was the start to my next round of Coartem, which I honestly wasn’t looking forward to after my experience with the first round. But all I could hope for was that it would be a little easier, and look forward to my break. 🙂

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