December Part 6 – A Snowy Coartem Day

Monday was the start of my second round of Coartem. I was pretty nervous to be honest with you. I try to keep my head up… always, but after my first round’s discouragement, I was very worried and was praying this treatment would be an easier one for me.


My body was not cooperating with the weather. It was a cold, snowy day. I was smart and took an anti-nausea med to begin the 3 day battle with Coartem. I went to work and felt absolutely terrible. I was overwhelmingly tired and sore, lightheaded and foggy. But I had stuff to do! 


It sucks when you feel that bad but have obligations to do on a regular basis. The problem with this is I don’t know if I will be better or worse so I have to get things done when they come my way. Suck it up. But in that moment, I wished I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and could just click my heels 3 times and go home. Also with a side of Genie from I Dream of Genie, and cross my arms and nod my head, and my work and errands to finish on their own. 


I had to leave work to go get my dressing change done. The less than 15 minute drive in the snow made me realize how sensitive my eyes still are. My eyes do not like the color white.. at all! Although it wasn’t very light out, the bright color was completely piercing to my eyes. Lucky for me, I always bring sunglasses wherever I go. 


My nurse, H. went to a conference the previous week and brought back an ointment to try to help with my dressing to avoid the irritation I had been having. My fingers were crossed it would help! 


Once I was done with my dressing change, I headed back to work. It did me good to lay down for a bit, and I knew Tuesday would be a busy day for me, so work , work, work! 


I was much more productive when I returned to work the second time around by picking at some end of the year things that I had been avoiding, like entering reports onto the computer. I would have probably stayed a little longer bit I can’t drive in the dark, and it gets dark so darn early this time of year.


I was glad there was plenty of leftovers for dinner because quite frankly I was pooped after finishing out my day. The rest of the day was spent watching Bonnie and Clyde, writing, and relaxing. All and all I was pleased that I didn’t feel like I was completely tortured by the start of this regimen this time around. Tough? Yes. Unbearable? No. Less Babesia to kill? I certainly hope so! 

2 thoughts on “December Part 6 – A Snowy Coartem Day

  1. I find myself wishing I was Samatha on bewitched or Jeannie ….shows my age. My heart goes out to you, I have been coping..barely…with Lyme and several confections for years. Thank god you can take all those meds ,I can not…and I hate epi pens!!!!!! Take care and have a blessed day…sometimes your post are the only thing that gets me through the day….

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