December Part 7 – Scratchy Scratchy

 I was finally tired enough to go to sleep around 3 a.m. Scratch. Scratch. Yup. My tegaderm is itchy. Scratch, scratch. 


I tried to find a comfortable spot in bed, one that I wouldn’t have the itching sensation from my tegaderm. Belly, nope, back, nope. Side, nope. Wide awake. Scratch scratch. I was finally able to drift off to sleep until Dave kissed me goodbye for work.


Okay. I gotta pee. I check out my dressing change in the mirror, to see fluid in my patch, and the white bandaging was bloody and a yellow color fluid had seeped through. It almost looked like I punctured the dressing in my sleep and put a tiny whole in it, but I couldn’t quite tell.


It was around 6:45. After being able to fall asleep, I only had and was running on roughly 2 and a half hours of sleep. Ugh. What do I do, what to I do??! Even standing to look at it in the mirror was a task on its own. 


I was so lightheaded, overheating, my heart was racing. I started dry heaving. All I wanted was to go back to sleep. I started tearing up because I desperately wanted to go back to sleep, but I didn’t know what I should do. 


I took a Marinol so I wouldn’t get sick and went back to bed to lay there for a few minutes. I began to get panic stricken, scratching at my dressing like crazy, and knew I had to pull it together and call the hospital.


Luckily, the day surgery unit could probably tell who I was over the phone before I even said my name, since I have seen them regularly for so long (about 10 months now), and the nurse that answered told me to be there at 8, and she would make sure someone would take care of me.


AHHH shit. It is 7:11. I had work, a scheduled meeting with my insurance agent and it was also massage day. So I had to quickly shave my legs and not be a complete grub. Any other day I could care less in this situation. And now the hospital to add to the list.  All the while dry heaving, and feeling like I wanted to curl in a ball and not feel anything. I wanted sleep. I wanted to not be itchy. To not be nauseous. To feel like a ball of fire. To not be in pain. Just for a little while.


It was going to be a busy and looonnngggg day.


I started tearing up again through all of this but managed to get myself ready to head to the hospital. Mind over matter. I can deal with anything that comes my way. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck along the way.


It was the longest 5 minute drive to the hospital. Windows down, with the cold winter wind blowing in my face. Ok… I need to at least make it to the hospital!


I got there, and was sitting in the parking lot before I could even get out of my car to go inside. Shaking and dry heaving, I made it inside. 


Nurse H.  thinks it is either the ointment we tried to PREVENT this from happening, the bandaging, or she said I could very well have developed some kind of allergy to the ChloraPrep, which is what is used to clean your line and skin. She said that happens sometimes with long time IV patients. She used my Nasonex spray on it and let it air out for a bit.


We decided on going with the clear bandaging this time, and she doubled it up so I wouldn’t have the corners lift as much as they usually do. 


So far it has been better. And it certainly looks better!


All of this, and I hadn’t even made it partway through my day yet. Work, insurance, massage. Oh yeah, and of course starting day 2 of a Coartem. I made it to work, actually early for me, and entered all the invoices and printed them out. Thank god it was a very light workday. 


I  then had an appointment with my insurance agent. I am currently enrolled in an insurance called PCIP, a government insurance for pre-existing conditions. You might wonder why I qualified, saying how “Chronic Lyme doesn’t exist”. Always loopholes! Us Lymies tend to have what is called MCIDS, Multiple Chronic Infectious Disease Syndrome. There is generally a way to be able to qualify for these type of things. I qualified for seizures, drug induced hepatitis, pancreatitis, heavy metal toxicity, and Babesia. Yup. All fun things.


But now with the insurance all changing, my insurance got canceled as there is no need for special insurance for those who have been denied by other carriers or cannot afford the costs of what insurance costs for someone that is chronically ill. So we were off to the drawing board. And guess what? The 90% of the time now supposedly working Obamacare website wasn’t working. Go figure. I don’t qualify for any subsidies so we ended up choosing a plan and made sure my local hospital would accept the new insurance. She is still working on it for me, but I SHOULD have insurance coming 2014. Phew.


Now off to massage. Lots of circulation issues. I could feel all the painful points in my feet as she worked the knots out of them. Everything was all around sore, probably a combination between the heavy antibiotic load, the exhaustion, and the frigid cold. 


Once I was all done, I got myself another small coffee and made a pitstop to my bestie’s work to make a hair appointment to avoid a mullet. She was nice enough to squeeze me in an wash my hair for me and trim it then and there, which was almost a hugh relief as I didn’t really have the energy to wash and dry my hair. She’s the best. 🙂 


Home sweet home. I forced myself to stay awake so I wouldn’t nap until late at night then be wide awake in the middle of the night. I was determined and had wishful thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could get myself into a normal sleeping rhythm once again this way. I managed to take a bath and spent the rest of the evening relaxing with Dave, and trying to stay warm. For the first time in months and months, I fell asleep right when he did. At 9 p.m., and slept all throughout the night.  ZzZZzZzzZ




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