December Part 8 – A Long Protocol Comes to an End

 My last day! I had went to bed incredibly early for myself after my long day with the added trip to the hospital, and slept like a baby until around 9:30. Twelve and a half hours of sleep I desperately needed. 


I had a loopy, lightheaded feeling that I know all to well as soon as I awoke. I had to lay on the couch after I let my dog out. I kind of sat there in outer space, losing track of time. But I had to get back up and let my dog in, and start to get in gear to get ready for work. I felt a bit more lively once I took my mini bath.


I got a lot done at work, then went home and worked on business and personal Christmas cards. I had done about 50 handwritten cards by the time I was finished. Thank goodness no glittery cards.They drive me nuts and probably would have sent me into a rage. LOL Bah humbug! I should note I like glittery cards, but hate sending them because I am always covered in glitter when I use them. So if you sent me a glittery card it’s okay. 🙂


I felt so accomplished after I got them done, even though many I still had to address, and by the end of it I probably signed the wrong names. Oh well. I still felt accomplished, but my back, neck, wrists and hands hated me. 


It was so cold outside, and I just couldn’t warm myself up. I sat in my wood stove room, trying to soak in the heat. It just wasn’t working. I ended up covering myself in blankets and in the fetal position in the couch, trying to warm myself up. 


I was so glad it was another leftover night. I ate and laid on the couch for the rest if the night. I can’t remember what Dave and I watched but we watched something together… I think? That’s what happens when I don’t write things down.


I ate a small piece of cheese and drank a glass if almond milk and took my last 4 Coartem pills.




It was the end of a very incredibly long 6 weeks. I am glad for it to all be done, but am wondering how my next trip to DC will be. Will Dr J. see it as more progress? Or will he think I need IVs even longer. There has been a lot of discouragement during the past 6 weeks, as I thought it would be easier, and found out the hard way there is a lot of co-infections still lingering in my body. I’m not too sure. But in that moment, all I could think was that I had made it.  In that moment, I was happy. 


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