December Part 9 – Day One of My Antibiotic Break

It was the very first day of my week and a half antibiotic break. It is such a relief to me as this has been 6 weeks of hell for me. I needed this, regardless as to how I end up doing during the break. More or less for my sanity.


I slept like a baby. Alarm off. No disruptions, no obligations for the day. I got up and felt sluggish, and had the feeling like I got up too fast, heart racing and dizzy, so I laid on the couch a bit. 


I hate that feeling. It brings me back to my early twenties, when my then primary told me iI had Fibromyalgia and CFS. That clueless dumbass! Haha. I guess that is why they call it practicing medicine…


After awhile, I was forced to get up since I completely forgot I left my dog outside. Oops. He didn’t seem to mind though. My big lanky moose was busy frolicking in the snow 🙂 


I took a bath, then finished getting ready by organizing all my pills for the day and giving myself a B12 shot. It is sad that even though I am on an antibiotic break, that I still have so many pills to take. I have a little, okay.. BIG pharmacy on my bureau and in my refrigerator. 


I went outside to get ready to leave and immediately had achy bones and my body gave me a big WTF. It is not a fan of the cold. 


Of course, I went to work on my day off and dubbed. I finished addressing all the business Christmas cards and prepared for Friday’s work. 


I did find the time to do some relaxing for the day. Dave gave me my anniversary present early, a gift card for a manicure and pedicure, so I treated myself to a pedicure. I always find it incredibly relaxing, and I love the heated massage chairs. 🙂 


I got home and relaxed, and reheated some leftovers as I didn’t feel like going to wings with Dave. 


He came home from wing night and surprised me with flowers. 🙂 I now remember he usually surprises me with flowers on the passenger seat of my car on our anniversary, which was still a day away,  but he said he had to give them to me early since it was too cold to hide them in his truck.


I guess flowers aren’t really a surprise on our anniversary morning, but  I don’t remember a darn thing anymore so it was a surprise to me. Lyme brain made it a surprise! 🙂 


It was the Grey’s Anatomy season finally. Noooo. What’s a girl to do that spends most of her time on the couch??! It’s going to be a long month and a half until it comes back on. I haven’t quite decided if I hate nighttime or daytime worse. I am always glad I made it through the day, but when nighttime comes, the pain seems to get worse, and my feet become numb more often than I face during the daytime. I have balance issues so I try to limit myself to standing or moving around, as I tend to cut corners short and run into the doorways, usually to my bedroom or my kitchen. Oy.


I stayed up late and watched reruns of King of Queens until I could force myself to fall asleep. Day one of my “holiday”, as Dr. J calls it, complete.

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