December Part 11 – Preparing for DC

The next few days I knew I had a lot to do, and I was so tired. I was preparing for my upcoming trip to DC. 


The weekend was spent in relaxation mode. We had a lot of snow here in NH. I think my body can sense the weather, as many of you can. I was sore all over and was struggling with my ability to walk. I didn’t really notice it, but my Mother was concerned that after all this time, I am still limping around. I wonder if I will always have a limp, but I guess my main concerns at this point is to feel like “me” again.


I woke up on Monday and could not hear out of left ear. After part of the day my hearing came back but I could still hear a whooshing noise. Since then I gave gotten more of my hearing back which is good. I wonder what is causing it? 


My right thigh has been in pain. I had a lot of walking to do on Monday morning. Well, afternoon since we all know I get up rather late. 😉 I had to walk a lot to get to the post office as people parked like idiots because of the snow, and the hospital parking lot is quite a distance to their entrance. 


My skin looked much better after my episode last week with an allergic reaction. The only aftermath is a little redness and you can tell where the bandage was with a perfect straight line. 


By the end of the day I was getting extremely frustrated and put myself into a rage. My phone wasn’t working and Dr J’s office called and it kept hanging up on them. I was having fear that they were going to change my appointment time, after my flight and hotel were booked. Luckily, I got to a better phone and it was to confirm my appointment. Clearly Kimmiecakes’ anxiety levels are up. 


I think my mind said enough when I finished up work, and dealing with my cell phone situation. My eyes kept filling with tears, and all I wanted to do was take a nap. 


I did not allow myself to take a nap as I was hoping to have a somewhat regular sleep schedule. Instead, I stayed up late, and could not move from the couch. I was stuck. My feet and legs were lifeless. Numb. This is turning out to be a “helliday”.


Tuesday I scrambled to get everything ready and caused me to panic. Massage day. Working, making sure everyone would be all set without me for a day. Packing last minute. Dropping a check off at my insurance company. Of course the day I had to leave was jam packed. It couldn’t be any other way… that us life 😉


Gayle, my massage therapist said I clearly had a temperature issue in my calves and my feet, so I am thinking my thighs are compensating for the loss of feeling. My lymph was swollen, but that should go down as I have a week and a half off of antibiotics to detox. 


Dave got out of work early and helped finish everything: packing, bringing my dog to my parents, picking up the house. He’s the best. 🙂 We got to leave two hours early, beating most of the weather in Boston. 


We ate dinner, and I treated myself with a margarita, no sour mix but pineapple juice instead to avoid sugar, and took my meds to drift off to sleep as early as possible. Don’t judge. When I desperately needed sleep and have had episodes in the mornings, I will take any help I can get, although not a daily thing and probably not recommended.


Without, I was sure the airport would be a wheelchair day. I needed all the energy. Once again, a little justification, but don’t judge. And I will tell you, four a.m. surely came up quick! 


I am so nervous, even though I have a lot of optimism, if that makes any sense. I feel like in many ways I have regressed, but there has also been some positivity over the past several weeks. Moments of “blue skies”, as Dr. J says. My main hope is a date to get my line out. Hoping and praying I will  have good news. I need it. 


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