December Part 13 – Home Sweet Home From Dr J’s

 When we got back to New Hampshire from DC, it was an early night for me. I was so pooped from the day before, physically and mentally. The Tigecycline I can already tell will not be a super fun IV, not that any antibiotic is a grand old time. I just can’t stand the nausea. Nausea and fogginess are the worst feelings to have. And I was bummed that this would be part of my protocol on Christmas week. 


I slept a solid 10 hours the night we got back from DC. I was in bed at 11, which is early for me, to I was pretty happy about that! As soon as I got up, I spent nearly 2 hours relaxing on the vouch when I got up. Okay… got to get ready for the day. Quick bath. B-12 shot. Out the door. Must get coffee….


I feel like the B-12 shots give me a little boost of energy. A little more pep in my Lymie step. I got my coffee and my first stop of the day was to the pharmacy. I had my stack of prescription orders from Dr. J’s and also needed a few of my refills. Of course, I was in a fog and couldn’t remember the word “Lamictal” for the life of me. I am glad I didn’t have another “Foot in Mouth” episode! I caught myself in time before I went into a complete rage and found the right name I was looking for. LAMICTAL! Hoorayyy! Most were special order prescriptions so I was on my way and would have to return another day.


The next stop of the day was work to play catch up for a bit. Payroll and some papers I had missed from not going to work the day before. Payroll being the priority, since I like getting paid! 😉 


The stop after that was an appointment with Dr S for an adjustment. I figured it was a good idea to have an adjustment after the flights. And I was right. Crack crack crack! My back felt a little better and as always, I love my visits with Dr S. 


The final stop of the day I was so proud of, and I was even more proud that I had done so much in one day. I may have to pay for it later, but it is completely worth it to me.

I went to Hallmark in my town. Unsupervised. All by myself. The lights bothered me and I was a little lightheaded and had to lean on the counter for balance but I was so happy that I felt a little independent. Plus if I didn’t do it, Dave would of had to. He is amazing, and does so much, but I like to be the card picker. I need that control in my life. LOL


When I got home I was exhausted from the days adventures. Couch, movies, listening to the TV Guide music in outer space. The usuals for me. 


I made dinner as I skipped wing night again, a gluten free tuna noodle casserole. My absolute favorite food. And I completely stuffed my face. It was one of those situations that I wondered if it would be best to eat the whole pound of casserole before Dave got home, then wash the dish to hide the evidence, and tell him I wasn’t hungry. As you can see I may have done this before….


Although I was tired from the days running around, my mind was going haywire, reflecting on my appointment with Dr. J the day before. So no sleep for this Lymie. 


I am scared, probably the most I have been since going to Dr J’s for the next three weeks. But I know I will be okay. I will fight my butt off to get better. 


As you read today, I am making progress. It makes me smile ear to ear that I am able to start doing some errands more myself, and not just picking one thing to do for the day. I need to look at the big picture. Progress. This will be rough. But maybe after this round I will see more blue skies.

6 thoughts on “December Part 13 – Home Sweet Home From Dr J’s

  1. I needed to read this, as I too am scared. Went to my LLMD on Thursday and it seems I’ll be on treatment for a lot longer than expected. I know I need to stay positive, but I’ll be honest and say it’s not always that easy. I just feel I’ve missed out on so much of my life. It is what it is, and we will beat this demon of a disease.

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