December Part 14 – Christmas Cookies

Friday was a long day. I think I overdid it the day before with all of my “adventures”, okay… I am positive I did. I actually got up for my 9 o’clock alarm and sat on the couch to be able to wake up enough to begin the day. I then took my dixie cup bath and realized I had completely forgot about my dog outside. This seems to be an ongoing pattern with me. LOL At least he loves it out there regardless as to it being cold outside. He never seems to hold a grudge. 🙂

I felt like I didn’t get a lot of sleep and was pretty achy. I was still having problems with my left ear, making me pretty concerned. I might end up making an appointment with the ear doctor in town. I really don’t want to but if it continues on, I might not have a choice. I would rather be on the safe side, even though Dr J is convinced it is a neurological issue.

I went to work and was feeling pretty unmotivated so I got what I needed to get done then forced myself to do some extra work because I knew there was an ice storm coming our way and I am not sure how this new protocol is going to work out for me. I have heard from a few that it’s going to be a doozy. All I can do is think positive and think it’s not to be a doozy, I will be okay, and I will conquer it with minimal discomfort.

Dave was gone for the evening so I stuffed my face with a gluten-free tuna noodle casserole I made the day before. There was a smidgen left and I called Dave to see if he wanted it or if he had already had dinner, and got a “there was nothing left!” from him. So you know what I did? I ate it all. Dave seemed pretty bummed I left him no leftovers when he returned home.

Know what buddy? You snooze you lose! LOL I am eating now because I know the next few weeks I probably won’t have a big appetite. That is how I am justifying it, anyways. 😉

On his trip out for the evening, he went to the grocery store to pick out a cake for his Mother’s birthday over the weekend, and picked up stuff so I can make candies, jerky, and do some baking over the weekend. Perfect to do as we were expecting the storm. Not that I venture outside much these days. I am not much of a baker but it isn’t too difficult to do as I can always sit in a kitchen chair to do all the mixing. I can make it happen. 🙂 My biggest downfall is I don’t take the time to measure. I promise I will fix this. Maybe not this time around, but I will!

I got in a rage at him because I sent him a text for what we needed at the store. “Sugar cookies, the kind you cut and put on the pan”. You know what he got? A bag of sugar, AND ALSO cookies you put on the pan. CHOCOLATE CHIP. Pshhh. This man clearly does not know that sugar cookies are the primary cookie of Christmas. Clearly.


I guess I can’t complain because I feel like the grocery store would still be too much for me, especially with the lights in there. I might be able to tackle it with Dave there, and if it was too much I could at least have him help me out to the car and I could wait for him to finish up and drive home.

I also can’t complain because he literally does everything for me. I’m wicked sometimes, I know this.

But I couldn’t shake the anger feeling. You know what? I am GLAD I ate the rest of the tuna noodle casserole! Ha! Irrational, crazy, Kimmiecakes. Those chocolate chip cookies just won’t be the same as Christmasy sugar cookies 😦

I was freezing for the rest of the night, and my ear was still absolutely driving me crazy. To the point of pissing me off. I just curled up in a ball and watched Lifetime movies. No writing. No research for future blogs. A whole lot of nothing.

Although it is a good thing to relax, especially being sick, I couldn’t help to feel a little guilty knowing I should have been picking up around the house a bit. Anything productive, really. Bake some of the “Un-Christmaslike” cookies, make beef jerky, or the candies. Instead I couldn’t get myself up to do anything.

I knew I would have regrets about this because I knew I would be scrambling to get things done over the weekend. I wanted to prepare myself as much as possible in case I end up rendered completely useless over the next month. It is going to be okay. It is going to be okay. Breathe. It is going to be okay.

3 thoughts on “December Part 14 – Christmas Cookies

  1. OK… first of all, the visual of the cookies made me laugh OUT LOUD for real. ha ha…

    SECOND: You always tell me that I need to take it easy and rest, but you need to practice what you preach, okay? For the next month, please baby yourself. The more you rest, the more the protocol will work. Don’t feel guilty about the things you won’t be doing this month.

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