December Part 15 – The Procrastinating Busy Bee

Saturday was another busy day. This seems to be an ongoing trend this past week! Dave also had a very long day ahead of him helping a friend and picking up truck parts and picking up a motor for his wheeling rig. I think he told me at the end of the day he drove over 350 miles. Holy moly. I drive into town or to work and I am ready to go home!


I stayed in bed as long as possible. No Chancey as Dave always takes him for rides wherever he goes, and the cat never came in to pester me in the morning as she usually does. 


I sat in my pajamas once I got up at nearly noon and did absolutely nothing. No TV, no computer. Just me. 


I felt like I hadn’t slept well, and not only was my hearing in my left ear terrible, my right was beginning to lose hearing in as well. I am a little bummed that my hearing hasn’t gotten better. We’ll see. Hoping for the best! 


My dad called me, waking me from my own little world, telling me he got the mail for me. It was my sign that I should get up. Nahhhh I will sit a little longer. I was so warm underneath the blankets on the couch and the thought of needing to wash my hair desperately and having to style it was a little much for me to want to do in that moment. Okay.. time to get going.


I went to work with coffee in hand and realized that I had to visit my grandmother after work. Crap! I am running so late! Why did I have to sit for so damn long?


She lives right in town, but I have not went to visit her since right before I began treatment in September 2012. I didn’t want her to see me that way, make her worry, nor did I want to scare the shit out of her with my tics.


THEN I got a phone call that my mother-in-law’s surprise birthday got pushed up a day because of the ice storm expected the following day. At that point, I was starting to freak out. Eeeek so much to do, so little time! 


I planned on getting ahead as much as humanly possible before I was to start my next protocol. I didn’t know if I would be able to drive or not, or even function for that matter. I would rather be over-prepared and have less to do than to be far behind. I am a perfectionist. Not having things just right completely bothers me. And it bothered me that I was set behind a little further. 


I didn’t finish nearly anything I wanted to get done, which really sucked. But I had to get going to be able to do everything else I needed to for the rest of the day. 


I had a nice visit with my Grandma. She made me a beautiful blanket which I am sure will come to good use as I am always freezing at night. She made a pie for Dave, but I am not going to lie, I had a big ol’ piece of it when I got home. No, not gluten free, but sometimes I have to make an exception. 


She asked about my treatment a bit. I was glad I didn’t tic although I had a bout of stuttering. I was so glad, although I have improved tremendously over the past month or so with my tics, that it wasn’t an issue at all. I didn’t need to give my 90 year old grandmother a heart attack! 


It was time to head home. I can’t see for the life of me in the dark, and I could tell it was going to get dark rather soon, even though it is less than 10 minutes away from my house. 


As soon as I got home, Dave had to leave to pick up the cake that he ordered. He told me to be ready, so of course the most logical thing to do is sit on the couch wrapped in blankets. Once again, doing absolutely nothing. He got home and looked at me. You could tell he was beat from the long day of driving. “What the fuck are you doing?!” Okay. Time to get up and ready. Pee. Neurontin. Ativan. 


“Oh by the way Dave, we need to stop for gas and can I get a coffee?” LOL 


And so we finally made our way, about a 40 minute drive to get to Dave’s parents. And yes, Dave stopped to get gas and got me a coffee. 🙂  I was already so tired when I got there, but had a good time surprising her for her birthday and having dinner together. 


By the end of staying over, I was beginning to feel the room moving around me and I couldn’t really concentrate, and I could have fallen asleep on the way home, but I didn’t want to so Dave would be lonely and bored on the way home. 


Home. What a long day. It wasn’t a bad one, just a busy one. And I was a little nervous work didn’t go as planned. I tried not to worry about it, although once I get something in my head, I tend to dwell on it. I did some writing, which is my therapy, and laid down with my beautiful new blanket in warmth. 


Sunday would also be packed with things to do. Among my many worries, I was thinking about how I hoped dearly that this week wouldn’t come back to bite me on Monday morning. 


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