December Part 16 – A Last Busy Day of Freedom

I had a big day ahead of me. I had a full day of work. Thank goodness the weather wasn’t bad and the roads were clear so we really didn’t get the giant ice storm the weather channel was expecting for us. Go figure, they are wrong more often than not, but I was glad they were because ice storms mean power outages. 


Dave woke me up in the morning, as well as my big love bug Great Dane Lab mix, laying on me, giving me kisses and not leaving me alone so I knew it was time to get up. 


Once again, my hearing was muffled, so I already began my day pretty aggravated, took my half dixie cup bath, and I was on my not-so-merry way. 


Work was long and frustrating. I was trying to finish as much as possible and I had help available to look at Quickbooks so I needed to work on that.  I couldn’t find things in my once organized chaos, and was completely lost. By the end of it, I felt like crying and was swearing at everything. 


Okay. That was enough for the day. My mind was fried, and I didn’t want to go into Crazy Kimmiecakes mode.


 I have decided with this first part of my protocol, instead of splitting up my IVs, doing Meropenum in the morning and the dreaded Tigecycline in the evening, I will just do both in the evening. All of these will be paired with Septra DS, , Xylitol, Lactoferrin, and two other drugs I have not tried before to begin the week. 


I start another anti malarial, Daraprim, paired with Leucoverin (I checked up on my meds online and this one is used to prevent harmful effects… super duper!), and I have no idea how I will react to everything, so I wanted to be as functional as possible in the morning.


I got my Christmas schedule all mixed up and realized I only had Sunday to do baking, and for Dave to head to the liquor store as my other employees have Christmas Eve off. I don’t, but that’s just the way it is. 😉


Of course the liquor store was closed before I realized this so Dave could help me. So off to the liquor store, full of fluorescent lighting all by myself the next day. 


Who knows, I might need to write an I O U to everyone and make Dave go another day. After the busy past few days, I don’t know how it will pan out. But I will sure as hell try. 


One day of baking and cooking instead of two. Damnit. Dave helped and tackled getting the stuff ready to make jerky and put it in the dehydrator, and I made the cookies. I forgot I usually sit to take on these projects, and two batches in, my legs were jello and my back felt completely thrown out.  I was out of breath. I still had to make peanut brittle and fudge, but definitely needed to take a break.


I laid on the couch trying to recoup. Everything hurt, even my eyes.  I didn’t feel like cooking dinner and Dave didn’t really want to cook, so we went out to grab a bite to eat a few minutes down the road.  Once I got home, I got back to my cooking duties. I finished the peanut brittle, well, not so peanut brittle… I am not so sure what happened to it? Overcooked? Too small of a pan? Whatever, it wasn’t for us and it still tasted alright. After my disappointment, I said screw it on the fudge. I was exhausted.


I began to panic about the house not “being ready” for when I began treatment the next day. I usually do a little bit of cleaning but had nothing left in me to do it. Dave took over all the duties: switching the laundry over, picking up, changing the bed, so I could relax and not be completely overwhelmed. He knew I overdid  it and feeling the repercussions. 


The rest of the night, I expected to go to bed early but was wide awake. I was wondering how the week would go, freaking out about getting errands done and knowing I had to work and get a dressing change. 


I did a little writing to calm me down, and read some research. Watched movies until I could no longer keep my eyes open, as my sleep meds are useless candy to me now, and finally drifted off to sleep. 


Wish me luck this week. I am scared and beyond nervous, but I know I will be okay. There is no other choice.  And of course wish that I can run the biggest, and scariest errand by myself… the liquor store. Some things seemed so simple in the past but are now what seems like an impossible task. Let’s make the impossible, possible. 🙂


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