December Part 17 – The Start of a New Protocol

Anyone who knows Dr J recognizes the daunting color coded sheets with our protocols. In addition to his chicken scratch, I also have a hard time understanding what I am suppose to do. Thank goodness for Dave, to help me keep everything on track and do things right. It wouldn’t have made a difference for Monday, but it made me even more afraid for the rest of the week to come.

I thought my oral antibiotics were to be pulsed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Nope! Monday THRU Friday. I also thought the Thursday and Friday of Diflucan and Flagyl were the next week. Another big fat negative. THIS WEEK. All not so good things for the week. Oh well, speed bump in the road, I’ll be fine. Not much I can do about it.

It was a slow starting day. I got up entirely too late, and felt terrible even before taking any of my medications. Sore, half deaf, shaky. Oh Lordy. Here we goooooo.

I downed my first dose of pills and herbals and had already decided the IV could wait until night time.

I had so much to do! Post office, bank, work, Dunkin Donuts to get my awesome day surgery staff a box of munchkins and a gift card for the mailman.

It was one of those days where I had to go back to my house several times to get it right. Forgot my IV end cap. Crap. Forgot my supplements. Crap. Oh crap! Did I unplug the dehydrator? No I didn’t, but I will take my chances. I’m not going back! Get to post office. Bring mail with stamps in. Crap I need more stamps. Crap! Where the hell is my money??! Find money, pay for stamps. Forgot other mail that needed stamps put on them back in the car. WHHHHYYYYYY??!! 

I was already sweating buckets. I guess that means the Daprim, one of my medications, was working, killing off some of the Babesia parasites in my body.

The liquor store was simply out of the question. I very badly wanted to try to tackle it on my own, but I knew it could get, ahem..messy. I didn’t need any 911 phone calls, seizures, or someone to have to come and rescue me. I figured, another day, and called my Dad and asked him to help me out.

I went to work before my dressing change but it was too icy. My Dad had just gotten home, so I handed him the mail from the post office, and he told me to come back later once he had sanded. The last thing I probably need is to fall on the ice. I am one of those people that chooses fashion over function so none of my boots have any tread on them anyways. With an icy driveway, the probability for me falling is a pretty good one.

The day surgery unit seemed to be happy with their surprise. 🙂 I felt bad because I ran out of cards so I used some paper with a kitty on it to write them a thank you and Merry Christmas note. Whatever, it’s the thought that counts!

My tegaderm was still a little red, but looking much better. I had her put two tegaderm patches on , one over the other, and then I was on my way! It goes by pretty quick if I don’t need any blood drawn. One of the only things I like about having a line is no more pricks for constant blood tests.

Once I got back to work I was light headed, foggy, had a pounding headache that hurt my eyes, and my mouth was so dry. This happens a lot with Septra DS. It says on the bottle to “take with plenty of water”. I try to stay hydrated but apparently it wasn’t enough.

I did some work on Quickbooks for the end of the year. My mind was about to explode and could tell a rage was coming so I went home. No point in being there if I wasn’t accomplishing anything other than unleashing the wrath of Kimmiecakes among whoever crosses my path. :-\

I got home and relaxed. I made dinner but forgot about it so it was a little burnt, but that’s okay. I usually use Dave as a guide to when I check on dinner but he came home a little later. So I am blaming this one on him. It wasn’t my cooking at all….

I was trying to be in a good frame of mind for my nighttime oral antibiotics as well as my Meropenum and Tigecycline IVs. I expected it to be a pukey night, so I brought a trash can into the living room and took my nausea meds a half hour before I began infusing.

It seemed to go better than I was anticipating, which is wonderful. I think utilizing the nausea meds earlier before my IV drips helped out a lot. I was a little nauseas, but nothing terrible. I had a glass of Almond milk to coat my stomach and took the rest of my pills for the night, and laid on the couch. I literally could not move. I was freezing, and completely exhausted. My arms and legs felt like they were 100 pounds a piece. And there I stayed, on the couch, in my regular clothes, with my contacts still in, and slept, and slept, until 4 a.m. the next day.

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