December Part 18 – On the Second Day of Christmas, Lyme Disease Gave to Meee

After the start of my new protocol, I was out like a light and woke up on the couch at 4 a.m. I then transferred myself to bed and slept until around 10 in the morning. Eleven hours of much needed and deserved sleep. 


I got up and my right eye hurt. Horrible stinging. AHHH why?!!! I put in my drops the eye doctor gave to me when I scratched my cornea a few months ago and it still hurt. Owwwwww. Great. Now I am going to be BLIND and DEAF! No Kimmie, you’re not. Calm the fuck down. Breathe. Be normal.


Let me tell you it freaks me out having something in my eye. And this hurt like hell. I didn’t want to have a rage fit trying to look at my eye in the mirror and trying to see what the problem was, so I sat and played on the computer a bit. Calming myself down a bit. 


I went back into the bathroom, put in more drops, and saw the cause of pain… a giant piece of contact! It was instant relief when I pulled that sucker from my eye. When I pulled my contacts out at 4 a.m. that morning since I fell asleep with them in, I must have broke it apart and didn’t realize it. To be on the safe side, I added more drops in my eye, took my multiple antibiotics, got my supplements sorted for the day, and got myself ready.



I stayed at work for a little bit and then had to leave for massage day. I knew my body was completely toxic because my nose was pouring, even before she got to work on my lymph in my neck. My leg temperature was good but toes were extremely cold. Lots of back issues and lots of foot issues. She did some reflexology on me and my pain in my feet corresponded to my spine and urinary tract. Hmm.. I wonder if these antibiotics are filtered by kidneys. Bloodwork Monday will be telling. Hopefully there will be no issues. 


Had to go back to work when I was done. I had been trying to work on end of the year payroll for the past few days. If any of you are bookkeepers, you know you have to make adjustments at the end of the year for your 940 to come out right. 


I was off by a couple cents and the computer came out right, but my hard copy was wrong. Then my Quickbooks program was acting up and kept closing on me. I was beginning to get very frustrated knowing that the next day was Christmas, and the following 2 days I would be adding my nemesis, Flagyl to my protocol. 


I wrapped it up to go home. I was getting beyond exhausted and I wasn’t being productive, just getting angry.


 When I got home I felt so sick. Loopy, shaking. I sat on the couch and was trying to decide what to cook. Gluten free turkey meatloaf with a side of green beans was my choice. Easy and quick. 


Once I put the meatloaf in the oven, I decided to take a shower with one of my special patches and give my hair a good washing. 


My legs and hands were shaking in the shower, and I began to black out. Okay, shower off. Like now. I had no idea what was going on. I take very quick showers and I don’t think the water was very hot. But then again I can’t feel temperature very well anymore so it very well might have been too hot. 


The rest of the night was used relaxing. I did a lactated ringer as I was only on oral antibiotics for the day and no IVs. Dave and I opened stockings and ate our dinner together. I always have to watch a Christmas movie on Christmas eve, so “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was our choice. I did some writing and went to bed.

It took me awhile to fall asleep as I was having a Cipro moment. I call it a Cipro moment because hallucinations usually occur when I am undergoing a Bartonella treatment. Now I am not, but I know it is certainly penetrating my brain.  Black figures above me while I was trying to go to sleep. When I closed my eyes, they were still there. Eventually, I ended up being so tired I ignored these imaginary figures and fell asleep. 


I was wishing for a happy Christmas day, and the rest of the week to be okay. I didn’t wish for the future, because right now I feel like I live for each day. I just hope to get by right now, because I know if it is easier that day, it will be a day closer to a healthier future.

Image Someone was very excited to get a ducky in his stocking 🙂 I wonder who?

4 thoughts on “December Part 18 – On the Second Day of Christmas, Lyme Disease Gave to Meee

  1. I added cipro to my list of do not take, it makes me extremely forgetful. More so than normal. I had mustered up the courage to drive in the first place. I was driving a route I always used to take and suddenly I had a feeling like I’d been driving for an hour the clock said 15 mins. And next I had no idea where I was. I phoned a friend to come pick me up. I discontinued cipro immediately but took over 2 weeks of writing post its to remind myself what I was doing. As bad as ok why am I in the bathroom, look at post it, oh Im here to take a bath. The doctor said it was a normal side effect coupled with all my other daily side effects it was one I did not want to have.

    • It is so tough, but hang in there. I use to be the post-it queen. Sticky notes on my dashboard as I would ofte forget where I was going. I am limited a 10 minute radios of my house for safety. I am not on Cipro now but I will start a heavy Cipro / Merro combo from Sunday thu Thursday.

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