December Part 19 – An IV Christmas

It was Christmas Day! It was weird to have Dave still in bed with me during a weekday. Okay, the weekend too, because he always gets up earlier than me, but you know what I mean. I wasn’t too excited for the holidays this year but couldn’t help humming a few Christmas tunes while getting ready in the morning. 


It was an oral and IV antibiotic day. It sucked to have a full antibiotic day on Christmas, but the same point in time it was also a good thing because I had the day off.


My legs and feet hurt, and I wished for a wee bit more sleep, but it was time to head to my parents. Dave let me drive to a 7/11 to get coffee, since they were the only store open in our small town, and drove to my parents from there. About 15 minutes of driving is a lot of driving for me, but I was happy to be able to do it. Baby steps in the right direction. A great Christmas present for me. 🙂


I had to have a pillow behind my back, put my legs up, and put a fleece blanket over me once I got to the house although everyone else said it was cold. I was having a really hard time because I couldn’t get comfortable while sitting on the couch. 


It was an easy and small Christmas. Although I didn’t get to see my brother, sister-in-law and nephew, I am sure they will all be excited when they see what I got my nephew….. a drum set! One of those gifts that is perfect to get because you will never have to hear it but the kiddo will love it! Lol Sorry guys if you are reading this 🙂


After I ate my stomach bothered me (although I knew I remained gluten free, I ate a ton and I think my stomach wasn’t use to having the foods I ate. Lots of prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy, squash, and a salad. That’s a lot of food! 


I was tired and started getting loopy even though it was just after 4. I am usually home before that when I am home from work and am resting by then. So I guess it was a longer day for me being out, even though it was just with family. 


We headed home, but I lost my energy, so Dave drove. We watched the “The Santa Claus” movies while I got ready to do my IVs. I took my nausea medications a half hour before, and of course decided to eat a little piece of gluten free apple crisp my Mom made for me but didn’t want to eat earlier. I figured it could go either way. A giant stomach of food might be a good thing or a bad thing when you are nauseas. Coat and relieve the stomach, or a whole lot more to throw up.  I took my chances. 


I did my IVs and found myself to be completely exhausted when I got them done. Early bed for me. Once I was in bed for a bit, the nausea set in. Roll left, roll right, ohhhh I really don’t want to lay on my stomach right now! “Daaaaaavvvvvveeeeee, can you get me some more Zofran?” “I wasn’t asleep or anything, but yes, I can get you some Zofran.” Took my pills, then finally fell asleep. 


The toughest two days of the week were to come… it was now time to add in my nemesis, Flagyl. 


2 thoughts on “December Part 19 – An IV Christmas

    • Yay! Hello new follower. Hang in there. This is not fun but what we must do to get better. The aftermath of this week is a doozy. Start a heavy IV protocol tomorrow. Are you also a Dr J patient?

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