December Part 21 – Clobbered

It was the last day of Week 1’s protocol. And a doozy to say the least. Lactoferrin, Xylitol, Leucoverin, Septra DS, Flagyl, Daraprim, Diflucan, Artimisinin, and my Merro and Tigecycline IVs. 


I procrastinated starting my day with anything I could possibly do.  Switch over my laundry, sitting in outer space, watching TV… I didn’t want to start my antibiotics. I was very much not looking forward to this day.


When I got my mid morning coffee, since I never get up early, I had an intense hot flash, pouring buckets of sweat. So much that I had wet underarms, even though I put a ton of deodorant on since I already sweat a lot. I was talking to my Uncle and I completely rushed the conversation along because I felt like I couldn’t even stand anymore. My body was completely weak. My legs and feet numb, my arms feeling weighted down. I sat in my car for a few minutes to try to pull myself together, cool down by rolling the windows down, and closed my eyes for a bit. I then “mind over mattered” my situation and got my ass to work. Because that’s just what I do. 😉  


I had a completely high feeling at work. If you read this and think, “oh well, that can’t be that bad”, you are wrong. This was a bad high that I could not seem to shake. I found myself unable to do anything. It was miserable to feel like I had no control over my body because my antibiotics were taking over, and the Lyme was fighting a war inside of me. It does a toll on your body and your mind. 


After awhile at work, I got a “GO HOME!”.. and so I went. There was no way I could possibly be productive. I began to have a rage fit at Dave as soon as I got home because I thought he lost 100$ from a Christmas card… or moved it. Or took it. I don’t really know. By the way I have later found out that I TOOK IT, and put it in MY bank account the day before. Lyme Brain at its finest! 


 I honestly think I was just picking a fight with him because I was mad at the day and I wanted it to be over. All I could do was lay on my side, with my blankets covered up to my face, trying to stay warm and avoiding the pain searing throughout my body. 


My friend A. came over for a visit when I did my nighttime infusions. I think that was a lifesaver for me. I was armed and ready with my nausea meds, not fully coherent, but it took my mind off of what a terrible couple of days it had been. We chit chatted, even though I was probably not the most entertaining friend in the world but it was good to have a friend there. I waited to take the last of my nighttime antibiotics, when I could take more nausea meds, and then fell right asleep. No sleep aides needed.


 First week down. Two to go. I didn’t feel well and was one of the worse treatments I have faced, but I feel like I conquered. No matter, what, this disease is never going to get the best of me.

2 thoughts on “December Part 21 – Clobbered

  1. Such a warrior you are Kim… Gives me hope when I start in January! I will be bugging ya for what to expect when I start treatment – LOL Hope the rest of the week isn’t “too bad” 😦

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